Politics and gambling have a lot in common - before making a decision, you need to think carefully and make a choice: take a risk or bluff. Since the homeland of poker is the USA, even the most ambitious personalities of the country spent time at the casino tables. Many of American presidents had their own “poker rooms”, where a small circle of people could enter. Let’s find out who these respected people are.

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1) George Washington

George Washington is known as the first president of the United States and a fan of gambling. Perhaps the history of poker dates back to his presidency. In the War of Independence, he proved to be a brilliant tactician, developing several successful combat strategies. Many people suggest that gambling skills helped him in planning operations. Moreover, he had a personal accounting book, where he recorded all his games. Besides, Washington also loved cockfighting, horse racing, and bingo.

2) Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln became addicted to gambling in his childhood when he was a referee in cockfighting. At that time, poker games were very common on the riverboats, where young Lincoln worked. His first acquaintance with poker took place there and continued for a lifetime. Lincoln had his own “ritual” - every bet he began with a 1 cent coin. After his death, some industries released cards with his image.

3) Richard Nixon

Many Americans believe that poker brought him to the peak of political fame. His fantastic $3000 winning in this game he invested in his election campaign. Richard Nixon loved to host poker tournaments in his office at the White House. During World War II, he was considered the luckiest gambler in the navy. Nixon loved to play the most aggressive and dynamic form of poker - Stud.

4) Warren Harding

The 29th president of America became famous for only two things - the poor management of his state and a great passion for poker. When he ran Marion Star, playing poker with his employees was his favorite pastime. Once on the train, he was cheated by a gang of frauds with marked cards. But that was not Harding’s biggest loss. As president, he managed to lose the expensive Chinese porcelain service that was a decoration of the White House.

In Conclusion

As you can see, world-known leaders of the American nation turned to be gentlemen of fortune. Their bold example proves once again that politicians are extremely gambling people. Nowadays, the list of poker fans among politicians is growing, but there are truly more opportunities to do it anonymously. Nobody knows for sure, who they play with.