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Group F for Euro 2024 is still taking shape, with three participants currently known. The first pot draw placed former European champions Portugal in this quartet, set to compete against the national teams of Turkey and the Czech Republic. The fourth team will be the winner of Path C in the playoff qualification for Euro 2024, with contenders such as Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece, or Kazakhstan. Let's examine the first three participants in Group F, analyze their current form, and expectations. By using quality analytics and your own knowledge, you can make more accurate sports bets at https://melbetsapp.com .

Bookmakers' odds

Bookmakers' analysts have labeled Portugal as the favorite in Group F for the Euro 2024 football championship. The odds for Portugal's victory ("seleção") are set at 1.52. The odds for Portugal not finishing in the first place are 2.55, while the odds for Cristiano Ronaldo's team not advancing from the group stage are 10.00. Turkey is considered the main contender for the second spot in the group. The odds for Turkey reaching the playoffs from the leading position are 5.50, with 1.35 for advancing from any position and 3.20 for not advancing. Czech Republic, seen as the group's underdog, has odds of 7.50 for finishing first in the group stage and 1.90 for reaching the quarter-finals.


The Portuguese national team has undergone significant changes in recent years, with a new generation of players replacing the heroes of Euro 2016. The team's core now consists of young stars from European giants, including Ruben Dias, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Jota, João Félix, and others. Despite this generational shift, Portugal remains one of the favorites for the upcoming tournament. Under the guidance of new coach Roberto Martinez, the team achieved 10 wins in 10 qualifying matches, scoring 36 goals and conceding only 2. The 38-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo remains the team's main leader, motivated to pursue the title missing from his collection. Despite their strong lineup, bookmakers do not consider Portugal the main favorite for Euro 2024, offering odds of 10 for their victory.


The Turkish national team struggled in the Euro 2024 qualifiers but secured the first position in the group. After disappointing games against Armenia and Japan, Turkey's football federation dismissed Stefan Kuntz and appointed Italian Vincenzo Montella as the new coach in September 2023. Under Montella's guidance, Turkey achieved crucial victories against Croatia and Latvia, securing their place in Euro 2024. The team's main star is experienced Hakan Çalhanoğlu from Inter Milan. Despite having a roster capable of surprises, bookmakers do not see Turkey as a favorite for Euro 2024, offering high odds of 61.00 for their victory.

Czech Republic

In the Euro 2024 qualifiers, the Czech national team finished second, unexpectedly trailing behind Albania. The defeat to Albania in October 2023 led to the resignation of coach Jaroslav Šilhavý after five years in charge. The team's leader is the experienced midfielder Tomáš Souček from West Ham, who became the top scorer for the Czechs in the qualifiers. Despite their strong squad, bookmakers do not consider the Czech Republic among the favorites for Euro 2024, offering odds of 75.00 for their victory.


Group F appears to be one of the most predictable in the tournament, with Portugal as the clear favorite. Under new coach Roberto Martinez, Portugal has become a more cohesive and stable team with a clear game plan. Although Ronaldo remains the leader, the team boasts other talents such as Leão, Ramos, Mario, Félix, and Fernandes. Portugal is one of the main contenders for the title, and it is likely to easily secure the top spot in the group.

Turkey is predicted to take the second position, with the appointment of experienced Montella expected to contribute to their progress. He is a good tactician capable of preparing teams for tournaments. The Czech Republic is likely to secure the third position, relying on talented players like Schick, to overcome Greece, with whom they have a positive head-to-head record. The team joining Group F later, likely Greece, is expected to finish fourth.