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In Group B of Euro 2024, football fans can expect a fierce competition among the world's football stars. The participants include the current European champions, Italy, and the bronze medalists of the 2022 World Cup from Croatia. Spain, the bronze medalists of Euro 2020, and the Albanian national team will also vie for advancement from the group stage. Let's delve into the composition of Group B participants, analyze their current form, and assess their chances of success. We'll also present bookmakers' odds and predictions that can be used for betting. To do this, you can Mostbet UZ yuklab olish for Android or iOS.

Bookmakers' odds

Spain is considered the favorite in Group B for Euro 2024, with odds of around 1.75 for their victory in the group. Italy is seen as Spain's main rival, with odds of 3.50 to win Group B and 1.20 to reach the quarter-finals. Croatia is evaluated with odds of 1.35 to qualify for the knockout stage and 5.50 for the first place in the group. Albania has odds of 4.50 to advance to the next stage and 25.00 to win the group.


The Spanish national team had an impressive qualifying campaign for Euro 2024, winning seven out of eight matches with an impressive goal difference of 25:5. Their stellar performance raises questions about coach Luis de la Fuente's ability to achieve success not only at the youth level but also in senior football. Spain's roster boasts notable names, and bookmakers give them high odds of 8.00 to win Euro 2024.


Croatia went through the Euro 2024 qualifiers with some challenges, winning five matches with one draw and two losses. The setbacks were not only due to strong opponents like Turkey and Wales but also the need for a generational shift in the team. Team leader Luka Modric, at 38, remains active but may not always be as effective. Croatia, known for their success in World Cups, has odds of 35.00 to win Euro 2024.


Despite being the reigning European champions, Italy faced difficulties in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, marked by a lack of confidence in the coaching staff, leading to a change from Roberto Mancini to Luciano Spalletti. Although the team's playing style didn't undergo radical changes, they secured the second spot in the qualifying group by winning four out of eight matches. Bookmakers' odds suggest that Italy's victory in Euro 2024 is not the most likely outcome, with odds at 15.75.


Albania, back in the European Championship for the first time since 2016, is among the participants in Euro 2024. Despite topping their qualifying group, Albania showed inconsistent results. The team lacks a standout goal-scorer, and their odds of winning Euro 2024 reach 451.00, making them one of the tournament's main underdogs.


While many see Spain as the favorite in Group B, this perception might be misleading. Spain often dominates weaker teams but struggles against equal opponents due to their possession-oriented style. Success in the UEFA Nations League should be approached with caution, as not all top teams take the tournament seriously. Additionally, key player Gavi is unlikely to recover from injury in time.

Italy and Croatia should not be underestimated. Croatia tends to appear uncertain in qualifiers but approaches the tournament in optimal form. This could be the last chance for veteran Modric, providing sufficient motivation for the Croatian team. As for Italy, the arrival of coach Spalletti has brought positive changes, making them less predictable than under Mancini's "tiki-taka" style.

We'll venture to predict that Italy will secure the top spot in Group B, winning against Albania and drawing against Spain and Croatia. Croatia is expected to take the second spot, with Spain in third. Unfortunately, Albania is predicted to finish without points but will fight until the end.