For many, the words “company” and “risk management” are synonymous. When it comes to environmental health and safety (EHS), however, (share-)stakeholders in any organization have consistently held the company accountable for managing the risks of its business; more recently, several factors have combined, which has made EHS performance an important factor when deciding who or what you purchase your goods from.

So what does this mean exactly? If people can suffer injuries because of unsafe work conditions on-site, then not only will they be out of commission, but so will the company that’s paying them. Most people want their employer to look after them financially and physically; hence, choosing an EHS system should come easy with such stark reasoning before considering cost-effectiveness. (Because let’s be honest, nothing beats ensuring human safety).

What makes EHS performance an essential factor for doing Business

1. The health and safety of employees are being threatened in organizations that care about the bottom line. Employees who feel their company is endangering them will speak up, even if it means risking punishment from management. 

2. Regulators have noticed this trend and made stricter rules for how employers should protect workers’ health, which has led to more penalties than ever before against companies with poor management practices regarding EHS risk assessment.    

3. Increasingly, companies’ shareholders demand that the leadership be more vigilant in addressing safety and environmental risks. They want to see a more significant commitment from management regarding employees’ health, security, and well-being.      

4. Public organizations have to be more careful than ever about managing their environmental health and safety to protect themselves from the media.

Choosing the right EHS Software Solutions     

Choosing the right EHS Software Solutions can seem like a daunting task. There are many aspects to consider for your business, and you want something that saves time, is robust in design, customizable to fit any industry’s needs, and inexpensive, so it doesn’t break the bank while still providing great value for all who use it regularly. 

Choosing the right solution requires thoughtfulness and investigation regarding what is essential to your organization and how a new software platform could support desired outcomes.

One example of a company that provides EHS Software is Capptions. Some of the benefits from acquiring such a system are that it offers many benefits to employers and employees alike, including:

  • Flexible job scheduling that suits any work style
  • Comprehensive view into the company’s safety management systems with detailed reports on injuries/incidents and unsafe behaviours like not wearing PPE or running near electrical hazards.
  • Automatically calculate PPE and Tool lists for the day, including past incidents where specific equipment was needed or protected employees. 
  • Easily view who is on shift and their location by cell phone.
  • Quickly document injuries and unsafe behaviours with an intuitive interface that can be used with cameras to track incidents.
  • Comprehensive employee training program. 
  • Integrates with multiple cameras to streamline video viewing for supervisors and auditors and any security concerns.