Those words outside of an English dictionary that we refer to as slang change, evolve, and get introduced with every generation that comes along. 

Slang can be regional, cultural, based on a particular dialect, or simply be words of the moment that find a way to go viral by getting used by a vast amount of people.

Teen slang words are quickly entering our language lexicon at a rapid speed because of the increased connectivity of social media.

One minute a word grows popular on Twitter, and the next minute it becomes a memorable piece of dialogue in a popular television series.

If you need a little help to keep up, here is a quick glossary of definitions that may appear to you as the strangest slang terms that teenagers use. 


When you hear a teen use the word bop, it is most likely referring to music that they are excited about and is easy to dance to, such as: 

 “Check out this new song; it's a bop.”

Clout Chasing

This phrase refers to going out of your way to get attention, social status, influence, and recognition. 

Example: "Why is Marcy clout chasing, posting pictures on Instagram in front of luxury cars that she doesn't even own? 

Drag Them

When teenagers use the word “drag” in a slang format, it has nothing to do with pulling anything across the floor. 

Drag is another way of saying that a person is getting made fun of or disrespected; dragging a person with insults is like roasting them with jokes. 


This slang word is for a person's looks or style, similar to swag. Drip could also be used to describe the actual stylist outfit that the person is wearing. 


We already equate them word facts to mean accurate information or statements that are truthful.  

When it comes to the phrase facts is a slang term that we hear coming out of a teenager's mouth, it is being used as a response to show that they agree with what someone else just said. 


Team Player 1: "Our team needs a new coach. This one is useless."

Team Player 2: "Facts! He looks like he is sleepwalking every game." 


The teen slang word low-key describes something that is of low intensity or is quiet. It can also mean doing something in a low-energy manner, something that is meant to be a secret and not for everyone to know.  

Examples: “I lowkey love this movie.”  

“Why don't we stay home and binge-watch some Netflix and have a lowkey evening.”


This is a slang term that is more like a noise than a person would make when they suddenly react to a situation that is surprising, embarrassing, or painful.


The slang term PAWG is an acronym for four words beginning with the letters ‘P,’ ‘A,’ ‘W,’ and ‘G’ that is used to abbreviate the phrase “phat ass white girl,” so it refers to a caucasian woman with a curvy backside.

It shouldn't be too hard to understand why this term pawg could easily be taken as offensive with its sexualized description of a person's race and body size. 

So, instead of using the slang word PAWG, it is better to just know what it means and leave it at that. 


If some are called ratchet, it basically is describing their wild and uncontrollable behavior in a derogatory way.


This is another way of describing someone who is fierce, intense, or maybe even reckless in their actions. 


Nine times out of ten, if a teenager says that something “slaps,” they’re not literally talking about hitting anyone at all. 

Instead, they are talking about a song that has a beat that is really hitting hard and gets them energized. 

Example: “Wow, their music really slaps."

When slaps are used this way, it is actually a compliment and not to be looked at as negative criticism. 


This is another slang term that teenagers use that initially sounds like it has negative connotations but has been repurposed to be something that is meant to be complimentary. 

The slang version of Snatch has nothing to do with violently gripping or stealing at all. It has a different meaning these days. 

Most teens use snatched as a way to describe someone who looks amazing, fashionable, and has their appearance to look well put together. 


The history of the slang word stan began with a song by that same name by the hip hop artist Eminem, referring to an overzealous and obsessive fan of someone.


Sus is simply shorthand for saying someone or something is “suspicious," appearing untrustworthy or shady.  


Desperate men that are in love with ladies that openly are cruel to them, with the guy going to the point of degrading themselves to an embarrassing degree. 

The person could be referred to as a simp or described as simply for that female's attention.