Since the evolution of crypto into the gambling community, most gambling platforms have now adopted digital currencies as a mode of payment. Some gambling sites have, however, declared crypto as the only means of payment on their platforms. The reason behind this is as a result of the usability index of crypto. Transactions that involve crypto are fast and effective with minimal transaction charges. You need not worry about currency or the rate. The homogeneity of the price of cryptocurrency makes it relatively easy to use and hold. Several gambling platforms have adopted Bitcoin being the most used cryptocurrency as their means of payment. Nonetheless, various crypto games and TopDogCasinos.com happen to be the best Crypto Gambling review platform you can visit to select.

Most Popular Bitcoin gambling games 

There are several Bitcoin gambling games. However, there could only be a few popular ones, and they are listed below 

  • Bitcoin Dice: 

Bitcoin Dice is one of the most popular and most interesting Bitcoin games you'd find on any online crypto gambling site. It's the same with the regular dice game only that in this case, you have to deposit some amount of Bitcoin in your account before you can play. It was invented by one of the pioneers of Bitcoin casinos (SATOSHI DICE). Remember that dice games are a game of luck. Hence, the Bitcoin dice is relatively easy and straightforward to play. Unlike some other Bitcoin games, you could easily make tonnes of cash if you've got your luck on with little knowledge or basic mathematics. The rules are simple! All you need to is to bet either lower or higher than your predetermined number then you roll the dice. If your prediction is correct, you'd be winning based on the probability of the predicted outcome. The simplicity of Bitcoin dice is responsible for its popularity across major online crypto gambling platforms. 

Another essential feature of the Bitcoin dice is that it offers a quite competitive house edge. Most Bitcoin dice platforms have a house edge of 1% or below. It's never a big deal if you find a house edge of 0.5%. In addition to simplicity and house-edge is its speed. With a snap of the finger, you can move from being an ordinary gambler to a millionaire. The single roll of the dice takes about 7 seconds making each session incredibly fast. You could have several rolls in the space of one minute, with each throw hitting a win. 

  • Bitcoin slot

It is no news that online slot games are the most popular games on online gambling sites. The reason is because of its simplicity and unique theme. The online slot connects the player to the game, forgetting that he's there to gamble. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is the most used digital currencies as of now. Hence, a platform that offers you the opportunity of playing online slots with Bitcoin becomes a necessity for online gamblers. TopDogCasinos.com offers you the possibility of choosing from a wide variety of crypto gambling platforms to play slot games with Bitcoins. Either you play slot machines with a progressive jackpot or play ones without; you'd still make your money either way. All you need to do is spin the reel. One of the benefits of playing online slots is players' ability to choose from a large chunk of options. You can bet as low as a single cent on a spin, and you get to play several slots all at once. 

  • Bitcoin poker:

Just like slot machines, poker is the most popular card game you'd find on online gambling sites. Pokers played in saloons before mainstreams allow players to play against each other without a house edge. Bitcoin poker is more like a new level in the online gambling space. Since it's now more difficult to play poker games with fiat due to the pandemic, there's a paradigm shift to online poker. One of the best ways to utilize poker games online is by playing with Bitcoin. The reason is because of the anonymity of depositing with Bitcoin and its fast withdrawal and deposits. You can make a massive amount of money from online poker since it's somewhat new in the gambling community. You get to choose your strategies based on the card shuffled out to you on online Bitcoin video poker games. It's fascinating and takes quite a lot more than luck to get the hang of it. But, once you do, be assured of a steady flow of income.