Cisco CCNA, now known as Cisco Ads credential is a must-get if you are aiming to develop professionally in digital marketing. And if you are looking for guidance on which options are available, what are the exact benefits of getting accredited, and where to find the most helpful preparation resources, read on to find the answers!

First things first, let’s check up on some background information about the certification.


What Is Cisco Ads?

Cisco Ads certifications were designed to equip candidates with in-depth knowledge of online advertising. There are different specialized options related to Search, Video, Apps, Shopping, and others. To get any of these credentials, you need to learn the outlined topics and pass the test. The exams are free now, unlike earlier, so make sure you get the most of this opportunity. For any of the assessments, you’ll be given 75 minutes to complete all the tasks.


What’s in It for You?

Cisco is considered to be the leading online advertiser in the world right now and getting certified by it to validate that you have the needed knowledge to work with their services is a huge resume booster. It’s not even surprising that today most hiring managers not only look for a certain set of requirements in future employees but also use LinkedIn to filter out probable candidates by searching for specific certifications. So having one will ensure that you're shortlisted for an interview.


Therefore, if you are trying to get into digital marketing, having the Cisco Ads credential will show your potential employers that you possess all the skills to provide solutions using this platform and have a brilliant work ethic. Attitude is what sets you up as a stand-out employee, and having badges proves that you have spent your time and money in learning new things and that you have the right dedication to carry out your job responsibilities. 


Where to Get Reliable Study Materials?

When preparing for the Cisco Ads exams, make sure you are using the most dependable materials for revision. For instance, check the following sources:

  • Cisco Skillshop

Check this training platform that offers the study modules provided by Cisco because this vendor knows best what the candidates should learn before sitting for the exam.


  • External resources

Supplement your preparation with other materials like books and videos from YouTube. Video tutorials are a great and fun way to remember concepts if you’re into visual learning.

  • Sites with practice tests

Practice tests are valuable as they will show you the areas that you’re not proficient in. They allow you to go through these topics several times and better prepare yourself for the actual exam.


To Sum Up

The Cisco Ads certification is a nice-to-have addition to your resume if you’re a digital marketer. You can choose different specializations to get definite skills and create a base for further advancements. And although these badges won’t make you an expert in the industry, they most certainly will start your learning path and open many career doors for you.

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