With the evolution of most things going digital, getting rich has been rather digitized too. Gone are the days people would work for long hours to get paid. In this era where digital currency has started being embraced, we can see that things are starting to change from paying to trading and making massive profits. 

Crypto trading, if done correctly, can reap you more than you ever dreamed of hence making you rich. Just like any other trade, discipline and ethics are required to be successful. If crypto trading was easy peasy, then every crypto trader would be a millionaire, but the main issue is that to be a successful trader, you have to know when to act right, make the right decisions and look ahead. 

What does it take to be rich in crypto trading? 

I wish there was one answer on how to get rich through crypto trading, but it takes many things. Remember, cryptocurrencies are volatile, making it hard to predict when to engage in trading, but another secret about crypto trading is timing and making quick, wise decisions.  

So far, you are starting to get a hint that crypto trading is complex, and making money out of it will get you scratching your head. But it's not that hard. 

To become a successful and wealthy cryptocurrency trader, you have to relate to the famous quote that says, "Rome was not built in a day." It implies that you might not get rich immediately if you engage in your first trade. Nevertheless, the little profits you make when trading after a few days can sum up to a significant amount, and that's how you start getting rich as a crypto trader

The more you trade, the more you understand nature and how crypto trading works. Always accept that there are chances of you encountering losses and making profits. 

Strategies on how to become rich in crypto trading

The following are some trading strategies that will see you reap profits. Most of the successful traders use trading strategies to minimize losses and get massive profits.  


HODL refers to when crypto traders buy their Bitcoins and hold onto them, only releasing them to the market when the value has increased exponentially. Ever had a situation where a specific cryptocurrency was selling like hot cake, and crypto traders were rushing to purchase? If you have, then that resulted from the crypto giants selling their cryptocurrencies when their value had increased.  

For Hodl to be effective, traders need to identify a cryptocurrency that is a bit stable in terms of value, then buy in bulk and remain patient till its value increases, and this makes them gain massive profits. 

Some of the most preferred cryptocurrencies for this strategy are Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. These cryptocurrencies are preferred because their value fluctuates within a given range and hence can be considered to be promising. 

Despite that, you are not limited to those cryptocurrencies. If you feel and think a particular cryptocurrency will raise its value, then go for it but before doing it, analyze it first.  

2.Choose wallets and exchanges with interest 

Another passive way of raising your crypto is choosing a crypto wallet that earns you interest on the cryptocurrency you save. Though the interest might seem to be little in a few years or after some time, the difference might be visible, and you will appreciate it especially bearing in mind that you didn't have to trade to earn it. 

Some cryptocurrencies offer dividends to users who hold them. However, not all cryptocurrencies allow for this.  

3.Enhance your knowledge

Crypto trading is unpredictable, but with a few analytical skills and a deep dive on cryptocurrency trends. This will come in handy, especially if you want to participate in day trading. Day trading takes a lot, and to be successful; you have to be good at analyzing stocks

4.Use cryptocurrency as a payment method

If you have a business or offer some services, the best way to earn from cryptocurrency is by allowing your customers or clients to pay you using cryptocurrency. For this to work, consider choosing cryptocurrencies whose values are a bit stable to avoid depreciation. 

The good thing about this method is that when clients pay you cryptocurrencies worth your work, after a short time, you might find the value of the cryptocurrency has increased, and you exchange which earns you some profit, still another way of earning smartly. 

5.Running master nodes

Cryptocurrency can be earned through a process known as mining which is a process where experts solve complex mathematical equations on a blockchain and are rewarded with a new cryptocurrency afterward. Thanks to advancement, the process has been simplified with Master nodes.  

Master nodes are nodes that run a blockchain and act as full nodes hence making transactions faster. After maintaining records under your node, just like in mining, you are rewarded with cryptocurrency. 

This might be the most challenging way to earn from cryptocurrency since it involves maintaining cryptocurrency records, but it is also a good form of cryptocurrency. 


Another way of earning from cryptocurrency is through staking. Staking is where you hold your cryptocurrencies and, in this case, a live wallet on a platform hence securing the network of the cryptocurrency you stake. This method might see you gain profits when the prices of your dividend rise. However, not every coin can be staked. 

A few examples of cryptocurrencies you can stake are Neblio, Nav Coin, and PIVX. There is much more you can stake but always research to identify a cryptocurrency of your interest. 


Now that you have seen that getting rich through crypto trading is a process that requires patience use the trading strategies discussed and see yourself getting better in crypto trading.