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The journey of cryptocurrency started in the year 2009 and till then this entity has revolutionized the digital market trends and has laid a remarkable print in the minds of investors and its customers. To date, no one knows whether the inventor was a single person or a group of keen programmers. News circulated in the market about some entity named cryptocurrency when an unknown entity named Satoshi Nakamoto came up with this idea of crypto and its derivatives.

The year 2010 marked the spectacular entry of this entity and landed the market with a bang! The first transaction that happened in 2010 to buy pizza was an initiating phase of this tradition that is running to date. This was how the journey of bitcoin aka cryptocurrency started. With the introduction of cryptocurrency, many new concepts were introduced to the physical world which was quite new according to the technology and scope and awareness of people at that time. If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you must know What is the difference between investing in Stock and Cryptocurrency


One of the concepts that were introduced was known by the name mining. This term is the most important term regarding the generation of crypto coins and digital assets and in this article, we are going to discuss the possible ways through which this process can be undertaken at home itself. So let us start the discussion.


Mining- The process

The process of mining seems to be similar to a physical mining process. Whereas in the physical world the important elements are mined from the mother earth’s core and used thereafter, in a similar pattern digital mining includes the generation of digital coins of cryptocurrency that can be used thereafter in any economic and monetary transaction. The persons responsible for undertaking this process are called miners and their job is to solve the complex algorithms available on the blockchain to generate the coin at the end. These miners charge some sort of nominal fee in return that is in the form of some share of the similar coin mined or any other asset in return. This is the way the whole process takes place in a complete cycle. This cycle is continuous and takes up the form of part-time or full-time employment means.


Mining at home

The pandemic of Covid-19 introduced the tradition of working from home in almost every part of the world. Working from home helped every sphere of life to keep up the pace with each other and similarly the subject of mining is not untouched in this regard too. Many people started mining from the premises of their houses and made a livelihood when every door of employment was shut down during the dark phases of several lockdowns. As a result, the professional miners along with the new entries that made their entry in the lockdown helped to maintain the blockchain and decentralized platforms.


Home-grown facilities for mining

The mining process is a completely soft job and requires a thorough knowledge of software and knowledge of programming languages. A trained programmer can easily solve the algorithm and generate the resources of cryptocurrencies. The arrangement for mining at home requires a continuous supply of electricity to the mining plant so that a complete cycle of mining can be performed continuously without any hindrance. Secondly, the space should be well ventilated as the machines required to mine generate a lot of heat so there should be enough ventilation in the room. The investment in mining rigs and gears is large in the beginning but if you are a very talented and knowledgeable person you can easily make up for the price of the equipment.