Wagering is the reason why horse racing was born. Horse racing is an equestrian sport dating back to 4500 B.C. It was also known as the sport of kings. Today, horse racing is one of the gambling events that is considered legal worldwide, especially in the United States.

One of the major horse racing events that many punters are looking forward to today is the Belmont Stakes which is happening on June 11. Since it is a wagering event, you should prepare and learn how to bet to ensure your profit properly. 

Therefore, you should check out and study this betting guide and use it on your Belmont Stakes betting journey. 

Pick a Betting Platform

At this age, you do not need to leave your home or dress up with fancy clothes just to bet on the Belmont Stakes. But, thanks to technology, you can still bet on your favorite Belmont Stakes contenders in the comfort of your home with your pajamas. What you will need to do instead is to select a betting platform that fits your needs. 

You can bet on the Belmont Stakes on your computer or your smartphone. There are so many online betting platforms you can choose from, some even offering information on the current odds, the top picks, and the contenders’ racing information. However, if you don't want to bet online while being comfortable in your home, you can also opt to bet on the Belmont Stakes in person. 

If you want to experience the fun and exciting feeling together with other punters, you should look for a local sportsbook. Like with online betting, you should also shop for a sportsbook and choose the one that suits your needs. One more thing, betting for the Belmont Stakes online will earn you a signup bonus in the form of a risk-free wager that you can use in betting for your favorite horse.  

Shop for Odds

The odds are one way to gauge how much you can expect to profit if the horse you chose to bet on wins the race. The higher the wager put on a specific horse, the lower their odds, which translates to a lower return if that horse wins. Most of the time, most bettors will place their bets on the favorite horse that will win the race. They don't want to risk and want to ensure winning by betting on the obvious win.

The early odds for the Belmont Stakes show Mo Donegal as the favorite to win the race since he has the lowest odds in the lineup. However, you must note that the Preakness Stakes winner Early Voting will not run the Belmont Stakes. The second runner-up, Epicenter, won't also race. 

Thus, scratch them out of your list. However, the Kentucky Derby winner, Rich Strike, will contend for the last leg of the Triple Crown, which is the third lowest odds. 

Handicap the Contenders

After checking the racing odds for the Belmont Stakes, you should start handicapping the horses. Handicapping the horses is one of the effective ways to increase your chance of choosing the right horse to bet on. 

It would be best if you learned how to handicap a horse properly. So, do your research about that topic and start handicapping the contenders as soon as possible. This way, you can have enough time to weigh the information you gathered.

Place Your Bet

Now that you have the right information you need, it is time to place your bet. On the day of the race, go to the online sportsbook you have chosen and place your bets. For in-person betting, go to the sportsbook you have chosen on the race day and place your bet. 

However, punters can place their bets before the race, called the ante-post bet. The ante-post bet will allow you to place a bet on the horse you think will win the Belmont Stakes even before the contenders are confirmed. However, the downside of ante-post betting is that you can lose your money if the horse you bet on won't run the race for various reasons like an injury.

Enjoy the Race

Don't forget to enjoy the race. After you have placed your bet, you need to sit back and enjoy the thrill that you will experience the moment the race begins. Remember, horse racing is not only for wagering alone. It is also for entertainment that you should never forget to enjoy. 

Redeem Your Winnings

After the race, and if your horse won the Belmont Stakes, you could now redeem your winnings. If you are using an online sportsbook, your winnings will be automatically credited to your account. Once it is posted, you can withdraw it anytime as long as you have completed the verification process on the website. 

Meanwhile, on a brick-and-mortar sportsbook, you can claim your winnings from the bookie or also known as the bookmaker that is running the sportsbook you chose for betting on the Belmont Stakes.

In Conclusion

Betting for the Belmont Stakes 2022 is pretty straightforward. What will need most of your time and effort is the handicapping process. But other than that, anyone can easily carry out betting in any horse racing event. So, if you haven't placed a bet on a horse race before, use this guide and follow it step-by-step.