There are almost more than 250 million users of cryptocurrency globally and in addition to that the United States are currently exceeding this count with 37 million users of cryptocurrency.

The US-based crypto users may get confused which cryptocurrency they should have picked up for themselves particularly based on the cryptocurrency that is best for purchase, sale, or trading purposes. They also might be curious about the charges of exchange and which crypto they should have support. However, these types of questions may confuse you. Let's have a look at the discussion on the best crypto exchanges. If you don't know how bitcoin works, see how to buy things using Bitcoin.



It is the most trustable and best crypto exchange around the world. Binance is one of the best options available for US residents. To meet the US regulatory standards, Binance is one of the best versions for the execution of cryptocurrency exchange. Binance was launched in 2019 in September and it is the reason for 15% of online traffic on the website. Investors who are more professional with a perfect UI expect more reliable trading facilities. However, the variation in cryptocurrency is up to a small scale. Therefore it is very important to be assured that whether Binance is an American crypto exchange platform, residents from other care armies are qualified for this platform in recent times.



In the year of 2019, money acquisition was held in the recent times in 8 no.of jurisdictions and among all, the best platform for crypto exchange is considered to be CEX.io which is compatible with the US regulations and is the latest additional crypto exchange in the list of progressive exchanges. As this platform is a license in recent times, it is supposed to be used by many countries where the availability of money transmitters is not applicable. The CEX.io is the best possible crypto exchange which is accepted by 50 no. Of States. Although some cryptocurrencies were not supported by London-based exchanges such as China, Canada, and South Korea due to the strict regulations of these countries. 


There are two platforms available for both new as well as experienced traders. The CEX.io exchange platform offers a brokerage service for simplifying the procedure to purchase cryptocurrency whereas powerful traders trade with powerful and those trading platforms which are involved with the latest features.



Among all the crypto exchanges, the famous one is Coinbase which is user-friendly and est-suitable for trading purposes. It is based in San Francisco and was founded in 2014 as it comes out as the best option for trained and un-trained investors. Every year the number of users kept on growing and over $300 billion in goods were exchanged through trading among 100 countries. Moreover, there are many financial institutions are supporting the coin space cryptocurrency. As compared to Bitcoin supports a single wallet service, Coinbase supports two different trading platforms. 




Gemini is one of the US-based exchanges which is based in New York City, which complies with the laws of the state. The founder of this crypto exchange platform Winklevoss brothers in 2014, nearly maintain compliance, which can provide the Gemini verification system challenging. It is because the USD which was deposited to the crypto exchange of Gemini is guaranteed by the FDIC. Gemini is perhaps a genuine option for the traders of cryptocurrency in the United States because it consumes more than 2% of the total availability of Bitcoins and is imposed with the regulations of New York.


The Bottom Line

As the regulations have been changed in United State in respect of cryptocurrencies, US traders are not authorized to offer access to advantages and security like USD deposits from FDIC protection. They have been going through various verification procedures. It is almost very difficult to think that any exchange can meet the regulations, especially in your specific State whenever you try to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange platform for United State consumers.