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Cryptocurrency is not a new thing to discuss and to be introduced. The currency that we use daily is the fiat currency and the minted coins are subsidiary supporters of it. Many people have been using these currencies from time immemorial and are quite used to them. The supply of this fiat currency is managed by a central authority or a central bank in each country and every country has its currency with different names and comparable values.

To change this ambiguity and control of the central bank on the monetary assets, in 2010 a group of programmers came up with the concept of cryptocurrency, and bitcoin was launched to fulfilling this purpose. For several years, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been popular. Some people advocate for buying Bitcoin.


Nowadays, cryptocurrency has become a usual thing both in the digital world and in the physical world because many benefits of the digital world are being derived in the physical world too. Many derivatives are called digital assets and their use is a prime option. In this article, we are going to study these assets and we will discuss those assets that can be seen as a potential source of investment. So let us start the journey!


  • Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular and most used crypto asset in the world. Many investors have their investments in the currency and it is quite an old option. As we say old is gold, so this is true in this regard. The old investors have benefitted from this crypto asset and they have enjoyed every aspect of it. Nowadays the value of bitcoin is fluctuating and there is more volatility than before. Still, its popularity is incomparable and people still believe in it.


  • Ethereum

Next to bitcoin, the most popular crypto asset is ethereum. Launched in 2013, it has proved itself as a competitor of bitcoin and has succeeded in its mission. Many new technologies like NFT and various apps have collaborated with Ethereum and it is quite famous. It is seen as the future of cryptocurrency and many people are actively investing in it. 


  • VIBE 

It is based on Ethereum and uses its blockchain for its existence. Launched in 2018, it has managed to earn quite a large popularity among the masses and many active investors are in the race of investing in this young crypto asset. This can prove a potential source of investment as it is quite new and there is less number of people involved, thus less saturation.



This is based on the blockchain of Solana and is a game-based crypto asset. In this crypto asset when a player who plays the game wins or fulfills some sort of condition, gets the crypto asset in return thereby making the type of payment to the players for their positive performance. The chain between supply and demand is efficiently maintained by the investors and this can be estimated from the fact that the market value of this asset has crossed $900 million.


  • Tether 

It is regarded as the most stable coin in respect of volatility and effectiveness. The befit of using this currency is that the prices are less volatile and the fluctuations are very less as compared to other crypto assets. Thus, one can enjoy easy and free thinking while investing.


  • Avalanche 

As it is launched in 2020, it is quite a newbie in the market. This does not make any difference as it is considered as most promising of all the new crypto assets in the market. This can be estimated from the fact that it has managed to create a market capitalization value of over $8 billion. It is seen as an occasion for long-term investments.