Every dog owner is responsible for life, as well as for the physical and mental health of his pet. Therefore, a pet animal must be obedient. This is necessary for the safety of both the owner and other members of the society in which it lives.  Immediately after taking a puppy to the house, an essential and responsible process of his socialization and upbringing begins, which gradually develops into a real training of an adult dog. How to succeed in this process? Read below.


How to Train a Pet at Home: Key Factors of Success

If you plan to start working with a puppy, then the best age to master the basics is 4 months. Most frequently, success depends on the following factors:

  1. Motivation. For the dog to participate in the training process with pleasure, it must be interested in this. Therefore, each correct execution of the command should be rewarded with a treat and praise. On the contrary, to signalize that a pet is doing something wrong, it is worth using the remote vibration collar that you can purchase on https://tbi-store.com/products/tbi-pro-dog-training-collar-with-remote-shock-collar-for-dogs-range-2000-feet-vibration-control-rechargeable-bark-e-collar-ipx7-waterproof-for-small-medium-large-dogs-all-breeds.
  2. The readiness of the pet to work. For the training to be productive, the following factors must be taken into account: the puppy should be slightly hungry. Before the training, you need to ensure that your pet was in the toilet.
  3. Favorable weather conditions. If the weather is too hot or wet outside, then you should postpone the training of the dog, when there is no scorching sun or rain.
  4. The mood of the owner. During the training, it is necessary to have a calm and friendly tone, even if the animal does not succeed again and again.


What Commands Are Useful To Learn At Home?

If you conduct dog training classes simply to make a pet controllable, then you should teach it the following commands:

  • sit;
  • down;
  • watch me;
  • stay;
  • wait;
  • come;
  • off;
  • drop it;
  • bed;
  • lap.

These commands are easy to learn — you will be able to do the training yourself and teach them your dog successfully. But you should not try to master some specific courses with your pet on your own. It should take place only under the guidance of a professional dog handler. Otherwise, you can damage the psyche of the dog with such training, making it coward or aggressive.

In Conclusion

It is better to train a dog for the first time in a quiet place away from people, roads, and locations where other animals are walking so that the pet is not distracted by anything. You can try giving commands at home and keep a good mood. Remember that your negative reaction can discourage your pet from continuing exercises. The more you are angry with him during the execution of commands, the more it gets confused. So, stay calm and treat your pet with love. Good luck!