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The Alpine Ice Hack includes a diet pill that aims to promote weight loss by increasing core body temperature. Zach Miller and Dr. Matthew Gibbs took inspiration from an “Ice Hack,” which promoted extreme weight loss by inducing similar increases in core temperature.

By: Foxx Harrington

Alpine Ice Hack is available only at Alpilean.com. The supplement is made using 6 science-backed ingredients with two vitamin catalysts specifically designed to fight the leading cause of low metabolism and obesity, low body temperature. Each of these ingredients is natural and hand-selected to remain easy on the body while increasing its temperature to support deep fat loss

The creator of the Alpine Ice Hack, Zach Miller, claims that through the work of his formulator, Dr. Matthew Gibbs, one can achieve significant weight loss results through using the Alpine Ice Hack Recipe usage without notable changes to diet or exercise. Miller cites an “Alpine Hack” which focuses on increased core body temperature as the reason behind the supplements ability to accelerate fat loss.

Continue reading to find out more about Alpine Ice Hack for weight loss. This article will cover the benefits, risks, costs, dosage, and ingredients. This article will cover any relevant information you may be seeking before trying the Alpine Ice Hack to lose weight.

About Alpine Ice Hack

Alpine Ice Hack includes a supplement designed to promote weight loss and is only available through Alpilean.com.

Making its debut in October 2022, Alpine Ice Hack includes a supplement which uses completely natural ingredients. Created by Texas high school teacher Zach Miller with the help of Dr. Matthew Gibbs, the Alpine Ice Hack helps to accelerate the metabolism through raising body temperature, promoting weight loss.

Each dose of the supplement in the Alpine Ice Hack contains a carefully selected blend of natural ingredients which cause the body to raise its temperature, which Miller claims is key to fat loss.

Studies show that body temperature is heavily linked to metabolic rates, which is one of the biggest predictors of obesity. A slow metabolism can be the difference between thousands of calories being burned and calories being stored as fat with no differences in exercise or diet. Metabolic rates lead to a significant difference in calorie burning throughout the day. While resting, one person may burn thousands of calories more than others, putting some at a clear disadvantage when it comes to the maintenance of body weight. Even if one has a proper diet and exercise regimen, making up the difference of thousands of calories is near impossible.

The Alpine Ice Hack makes up for what would otherwise be a crippling disadvantage. Alpine Ice Hack raises core body temperature, maintaining a higher body heat will lead to a greater energy output, helping to burn otherwise stored calories. Alpine Ice Hack, according to Miller, is based around an Alpine body heat breakthrough. Miller stating that it now should be shared with the world, he developed the Alpine Ice Hack hoping to level the playing field for those not as metabolically blessed as some. However, one might wonder exactly how this Ice Hack does this.

What Does Alpine Ice Hack Do?

According to its’ official page, the Alpine Ice Hack Recipe serves the following functions:

  • Target inner core body temperature to boost metabolism
  • Increase fat burning by raising internal body temperature
  • Support liver health, brain health, bone strength, immunity, and more
  • Support good digestion and ease bloating
  • Support heart health by targeting cholesterol and oxidative stress

Through its’ use of six, research supported ingredients, the Alpine Ice Hack can consistently raise the body temperature of its’ users. Higher body temperature causes a greater caloric demand on the body, which results in a greater resting metabolic rate. This causes people to burn calories at a rate exercise alone could never achieve.

Alpine Ice Hack creator Zach Miller and medical specialist Dr. Gibbs have taken inspiration from the longest living people on the planet. Using a “ice hack” each evening they can raise their metabolic rate to burn through large amounts of fat in a single week. It’s been noted the amount of fat burned is similar to that of what a year’s worth of diet and exercise would be able to achieve. However, it’s one thing to simply claim the Alpine Ice Hack works as intended. How exactly does the Ice Hack for weight loss garner such impressive results, especially when other supplements and cultural traditions have failed at this level of weight control?

How Inner Core Body Temperature Impacts Fat Loss

Researchers, through an application of thermodynamics and various physiological studies, have been able to determine a strong link between body temperature and an ability to lose fat. The Alpine Ice Hack leverages this connection in order to help others lose weight. Specifically, the Alpine Ice Hack recipe raises body temperature in order to put a greater caloric demand on the body

Here’s the Alpine Ice Hack methodology when it comes to helping people lose weight on a supplemental level:

Generally, people who struggle with weight loss have lower body temperature- Low body temperatures are linked to lower caloric demands on the body, this can make maintaining a healthy weight difficult and losing weight even more so.

Your body is constantly being cooled by the outside environment, demanding energy to keep itself warm- therefore, the cooler your body temperature is, the easier it is for the body to keep itself in a state of homeostasis, and burning less calories.

People who tend to be naturally lean likely have a notable metabolic advantage over others- overweight people tend to suffer because of a general lack of need for calories. The overweight person may feel hungry because the biomass in their stomach isn’t high, even if they don’t need the calories to subsist. Therefore, a person may only eat 2000 calories a day and will still gain weight if they metabolically use only 1500 calories a day. This would leave the average person feeling starving, yet they would still be subject to weight gain.

Alpine Ice Hack works by “targeting” (i.e. raising) internal body temperature, taking Alpine Ice Hack for weight loss will cause your body temperature to go up. This increase in body temperature will cause a person to have the same metabolic advantages as leaner people. This way, your metabolism will finally work for you instead of against you.

Here is how Miller can be seen describing the mission of the Alpine Ice Hack, and it’s science backed goals:

“In 2022, after studying over 170 years of scientific data, a team of researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered just one common factor in overweight women and men – low inner body temperature.”

While overweight men and women generally suffered a lower body temperature, those with average builds tended to have a normalized body temperature which helps them lose weight.

Alpine Ice Hack's set of ingredients helps raise body temperatures. Offering those who never had a beneficial metabolic rate a chance to access the same advantages as those who tend to be leaner.

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How Much Weight Can You Lose?

However, the results garnered from any drug or supplement vary. The developers of the Alpine Ice Hack make it very clear that while some may hyper respond to the supplement, others may hypo respond. Meaning that the effect of the Alpine Ice Hack in increasing your ability to lose weight may vary substantially from person to person.

Nevertheless, the creators of Alpine Ice Hack are reasonably certain that even though some may not respond optimally to the supplement, anyone through consistent use of the Alpine Ice Hack Recipe will be able to experience some increased ability to lose weight. On the official website there are a series of testimonials about the effectiveness of the Alpine Ice Hack as a weight loss supplement:

  • One woman claims she lost 33lbs with the Alpine Ice Hack
  • That same woman lost 3 dress sizes using the Alpine Ice Hack, describing the supplement as “a magic trick” for helping her reveal her “sexy new body”
  • Many reviewers have had poor success with dieting and exercising before using the Alpine Ice Hack; they ate right and exercised, yet they were unable to overcome their temperature deficit, making it virtually impossible to lose weight – until they started to using the Alpine Ice Hack
  • One man claims he lost 28lbs with the Alpine Ice Hack with absolutely no changes to his diet
  • Another woman claims she easily fits into the jeans she wore 15 years ago after losing 34lbs with the Alpine Ice Hack

In general, there are multiple positive reviews for the Alpine Ice Hack. While almost every review says it’s effective as a weight loss supplement, this is hardly the only benefit. Many have indicated that there can be a release of feel-good hormones after the stabilization of body temperature. This can act as a mild type of high all the way to a natural antidepressant. While there may be an increase in dopamine and other types of hormones which positively influence mood, there are no stimulants in the Alpine Ice Hack and therefore are not addictive in nature. Even increased body temperatures from the Alpine Ice Hack may promote muscle relaxation and have been noted to reduce irritability in some unique cases.

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Alpine Ice Hack Ingredients: What Does the Science Say?

Many supplements have a wide variety of active ingredients in each dose. Reducing the potency of each ingredient and making it much more difficult for any of them to work. The Alpine Ice Hack differs in this respect, with only 6 scientifically backed ingredients, the Alpine Ice Hack can be much more effective than the average supplement and this increased potency allows for much more synergy with the two vitamin catalysts present in the blend.

Each ingredient in the Alpine Ice Hack recipe is designed to work with one another. Not only is the limited amount of ingredients helping the Alpine Ice Hack potency but having each ingredient target body temperature causes the potency to increase further. Effectively raising body temperature and allowing people to lose weight more successfully.

In addition, the Alpine Ice Hack recipe is made in the USA. This ensures that each dose of the Alpine Ice Hack recipe is correct, perfecting the blend in every single capsule to ensure a consistent, satisfactory result without fail. Never will you have to worry about receiving a dose that is improperly measured, or the danger than an improper dosage may present.

Here are all the ingredients in the Alpine Ice Hack recipe, how they work, and the science behind each ingredient:

Turmeric: Turmeric is the primary ingredient in the Alpine Ice Hack, being the first in its’ ingredient list. Typically, turmeric has been used to lower body temperature by reducing inflammation and providing anti-oxidants to the body. However, Miller includes turmeric deducing that it may have a net beneficial effect on body temperature. There is speculation that turmeric may reduce temperature via inflammation reduction; this reduction in inflammation causes the core body temperature to increase, which is the Alpine Ice Hack's primary goal. The Alpine Ice Hack also includes turmeric for the curcumin found within it. Curcumin has been known to lead to significant weight loss improvements.

African Mango Extract: African mango extract is the second listed ingredient in the Alpine Ice Hack. While Miller claims that the mango extract may raise core body temperatures, it’s been traditionally known for reducing appetite and blocking fat production. Research has shown that there is a strong connection between the use of mango extract and improved weight loss. Thus, the mango extract found in the Alpine Ice Hack may help improve weight loss in more ways than one.

Ginger: Ginger is common within traditionally herbal remedies for ailments. Ginger is typically used across Asia for the potency of the roots as treatment to many illnesses. Miller claims it can be used to increase core body temperature and accelerate metabolic processes. In addition to this, ginger has other supplemental values, which contribute to its’ inclusion in the Alpine Ice Hack. Specifically, Miller likes to include it to promote dental health and purportedly help with muscle recovery.

Moringa Oleifera: Moringa leaf goes by many names. However, there is very little debate over its effects and inclusion in the Alpine Ice Hack. It can increase core body temperature, giving overweight people the same metabolic advantages as those who are slimmer. Also, it is rich in plant-based antioxidants which promote healthy blood sugar levels. This particularly helps the Alpine Ice Hack become a more attractive supplement for those who are trying to lose weight. This is because often cravings are associated with blood sugar levels. Typically, when blood sugar spikes and crashes frequently it causes extreme energy swings. These energy swings will encourage people to eat or overeat. Those who are overweight tend to have more problems stabilizing blood sugar than others. Therefore, by including Moringa leaf, not only will a person using the Alpine Ice Hack increase their body temperature, but also help control their appetite and energy.

Citrus Bioflavonoids: The Alpine Ice Hack also takes advantage of citrus bioflavonoids gathered from a particular type of orange. Miller notes that this helps to relieve oxidative processes in the body. While this can have a cooling effect oftentimes a reduction in inflammation results in net raises in core body temperature. Research has shown that there has been a correlation between taking citrus bioflavonoids and increased metabolism. This would seemingly prove Miller’s hunch about net body temperature increases to be correct. This makes the ingredient a great choice to include in the Alpine Ice Hack.

Fucoxanthin: Coming from algae, Fucoxanthin is the final listed ingredient in the Alpine Ice Hack. This means that out of all the primary ingredients, this one has the lowest concentration. However, this does not mean the ingredient is unimportant or ineffective. In truth, you only need a small concentration to see extreme fat loss effects. A 10 percent concentration (much like the concentration found in the Alpine Ice Hack) will be able to deliver all the desired effects. In addition, fucoxanthin supports brain, liver and bone health. Miller and his team included this to not only make the supplement healthier in a general sense, but also to make it easier on the liver while still seeing notable increases in body temperature.

Vitamin B12: The Alpine Ice Hack has a much larger dose of vitamin B12 than what’s needed in a day. Specifically, over 4 times the daily amount recommended by the FDA. However, many people, especially those who abstain from eating meat, are lacking in vitamin B12. This is because there are very few plant-based sources of the vitamin. Miller and his team recognize the need for vitamin B12 because it supports higher energy levels. Assisting in raising energy levels will have a positive effect on body temperature. This will result in burning more calories throughout the day while at rest and encouraging active behaviors.

Chromium: Chromium is often recommended to diabetics to help manage blood sugar. However, those who use the Alpine Ice Hack can also benefit from blood sugar stabilization. Blood sugar highs and lows often affect appetite in a way that isn’t conducive to losing weight. Low blood sugar causes extreme cravings that cause people to crash on their diets when their body is attempting to adjust to a lower calorie intake. However, the Alpine Ice Hack includes the recommended daily value of chromium. This will cause the average user of the Ice Hack to experience a much more stable blood sugar level, helping them to fight off cravings which make weight loss difficult.

Each ingredient has been specifically picked out by Miller and his team. None of the ingredients are made from GMOs or are artificial. Every capsule of the Alpine Ice Hack recipe uses natural ingredients which make the supplement far easier on the liver and much safer for consumption.

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Science Reveals the Connection Between Weight Loss and Body Temperature

Miller uses recent research to back up his claims about the effectiveness of leveraging body temperature to assist in weight loss, specifically citing a 2022 study. However, scientists have been showing correlations between the ability to lose weight and body temperature since 2009.

Specifically, the study showed how obese people have consistently lower body temperatures than their slimmer counterparts.

Researchers concluded that the lower body temperature was one of the key reasons for the metabolic deficiency of those who are overweight. In other words, having a lower body temperature meant that you had a slower metabolism. Having a slower metabolism meant that in your day-to-day life you burned fewer calories. Thus, those with lower body temperatures would experience greater weight gain doing the exact same things as those with higher body temperatures.

To evaluate this idea the researchers ran an experiment. They gave a group of people 1000 surplus calories a day (surplus from their normal diets), two thirds of those who were slimmer were able to burn off these calories in the form of heat. Those who were heftier were seemingly unable to burn off any of the excess calories.

The scientists deduced that the only way these extra calories could be burned off as heat is if the slimmer people had naturally higher body temperatures, causing them to have a greater energy demand to maintain their body heat. While those who were overweight had lower body temperatures, forcing the excess calories to be stored as fat.

Alpine Ice Hack pricing guide

Alpine Ice Hack typically runs for $99 a bottle. However, Miller is running a 2022 promotion where customers can get bottles of the Alpine Ice Hack for anywhere from $39 to $59 dollars a bottle. In addition, purchasing groups of bottles will allow customers to receive extra products with their order.

Listed below is a pricing guide for the Alpine Ice Hack in 2022 from the official website:

  • One bottle is $59 plus shipping expenses
  • A group of 3 bottles is $147 plus shipping expenses and includes 2 free bonuses
  • A group of 6 bottles is $234 and includes free shipping in the US, along with 2 free bonuses

The manufacturer instructs users to only take 1 capsule a day. Therefore each bottle will last the user 30 days since it includes 30 capsules. This will cause users to experience an increase in body temperature and therefore, metabolism.

What are the bonuses?

Buying either package of multiple the Alpine Ice Hack bottles will allow users to receive two complimentary eBooks straight to their email.

Each of the eBooks is designed to help give customers knowledge that will allow them to enhance the effectiveness of the Alpine Ice Hack by optimizing their routine for the supplement.

The bonus eBooks are:

The 1-day kickstart detox: This 29-page eBook includes a wide variety of tea recipes that will help you detox. By detoxing you will enable the Alpine Ice Hack to work unhindered and accelerate the results that you see. Each tea recipe includes a list of ingredients and a step-by-step recipe guide to ensure the tea you make will be effective.

Renew You: The second bonus eBook explains various life strategies which will help you create a better version of yourself, both physically and mentally. By learning strategies to reduce, let go of, and handle stress, you will be better able to create an environment for yourself and better drive to achieve your goals. For example, the book will teach you how to use music as a way of reducing inner tension. This book is truly a must have for those who often struggle with the inner battle of a diet.

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The $600 Alpilean Wellness Box

As a part of his promotion, Miller is offering certain customers a Wellness Box developed by his team.

Valued at $620.75, the Wellness Box contains more products which will help to increase metabolic rates by working in conjunction with the Alpine Ice Hack.

All that’s needed to obtain the box is to pay the shipping expenses and to subscribe to auto shipping from Alpilean.

What is inside of the Alpilean Wellness Box:

MCT Oil Pure: MCT Oil is a popular supplement. It has numerous effects according to Miller which include feeling more well and fuller in life. MCT oil does this by releasing peptides.

Immunity Booster: This booster includes 11 natural ingredients all designed to help reduce harmful inflammation. This will help increase your core body temperature and help your immune system.

Biobalance Supplement: Biobalance helps with probiotic health. Increasing probiotic health will help cultivate a healthy environment for your digestive tract. This increase in digestive tract health will help your body derive more nutrients from food and reduce stomach pain in certain instances.

Ultra-Collagen Complex: Collagen is a nutrient that helps with skin health. Collagen has become known as an anti-aging nutrient since it fights against wrinkles, skin aging (such as bags) and helps with skin durability. Taking this supplement will help with the skin health of its’ users

Deep Sleep 20: For those who have trouble falling asleep the Deep Sleep 20 supplement may be for you. It includes multiple popular sleep aids such as melatonin and chamomile. Even the Alpine Ice Hack creator Zach Miller uses Deep Sleep 20 to help falling asleep.

What if the Alpine Ice Hack does not work for me?

All Alpilean products and services have a 60-day money back guarantee. Whether you are simply unhappy with Alpilean or didn’t see significant results taking the supplement you can put in for a full refund. However, it’s important you buy genuine Alpilean, which involves buying it from the official website. Do not buy Alpilean from GNC, Walmart, or any other place claiming to sell it. This will cause difficulty or preclude you from obtaining a refund.


Alpine Ice Hack is a weight loss supplement that has caused hundreds of thousands to achieve increased weight loss results. By increasing internal body temperature those who chronically suffer from slow metabolism can increase their metabolic rates to stand on equal footing with those who are naturally slim. Using all natural ingredients and developed by Miller and his team, they are truly confident that Alpilean can help millions achieve their weight goals. Along with the amazing bonuses offer by Miller in 2022, the Alpine Ice Hack is a supplement with the ability to take the weight loss world by storm.

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