Instagram uses a quite effective algorithm that creates competition amongst content creators in the digital industry. So ranking high on the explore pages and growing the Instagram account can become challenging for you. But there are many different ways in which you can get more followers and likes on Instagram.

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Some of these ways give you an instant boost to your account, while some take time. Thus, it’s up to you to select the relevant method and keep your account ahead in the creator's list. In this article, you will get eight ways to gain more followers and likes on Instagram, so make sure you go through them and boost your account.

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  1. Buy Instagram Followers and Likes:

One of the trending and easiest ways to boost the follower count and engagement on Instagram is to buy them from reputed sites. For instance, you can buy Instagram followers and appear credible to new visitors. Moreover, you can buy Instagram likes to instantly increase your engagement rate and improve your visibility in the app. These methods boost your Instagram account and save you a lot of time and effort. So ensure you give it a try and choose the reputed sites to avoid any issues.

  1. Use Instagram Reels:

Reels give you a great opportunity to showcase your creative skills, so if you are not using Instagram reels, you could be losing a lot of followers and likes. The reels feature of Instagram allows you to record video for up to 30 seconds and mix it with different filters and music. Moreover, Instagram gives you a chance to be visible on the explore page and shareable content as it chooses to show reels in the forefront compared to other content. Most importantly, this type of content has a greater chance of going viral so make sure you try to use Instagram reels and attract new followers and likes on your content.

  1. Create IGTV video series:

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Like reels, IGTV videos also have great popularity on the Instagram app. That’s because more and more creators are trying to provide guides, tutorials, and various content through this feature. Some are using it for entertainment, while some for informational purposes. When users find this content useful and relevant to their interest, they instantly follow and like the content. So it becomes easy to connect with different users and attract them to your account through the IGTV video series. Besides, video content gains more traction on the feed, which ultimately leads to more users on the account.

  1. Write lengthy captions:

If you like to spend time writing captions for your Instagram posts, then it will help you to gain more followers and likes. We all agree that Instagram used to be about attractive visuals that showed a cohesive aesthetic and high-quality photography. But now, the users also look forward to learning more about the creator, his/her mission, and the story behind the image. So you can write lengthy captions and give a greater insight into your world to the users. It will undoubtedly gain their attention and encourage them to follow you.

  1. Make memes in your niche to attract a new audience:

Many of you might have realized that memes are the most popular posts that spread in the digital world. So when it comes to driving product interest, building brand identity, and getting more followers and likes, memes become the most effective method. To be precise with the idea, memes are the piece of media that pass from person-to-person on the internet. They are clever or funny and have some kind of cultural relevance. Typically, they are a combination of text and images, which sometimes can even be a photo, video, or a GIF. But while making memes, you need to stay focused on your account style.

  1. Create a challenge or Game on Instagram:

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If you want to create a brand image and attract new followers, then try to create a challenge or game on Instagram. That is because many brands and influencers have seen the power of viral Instagram challenges, especially in the case of growing followers and likes of the account and building brand awareness. Moreover, you can also offer a gift to one of the lucky winners that participate in your game or challenge. Doing this will ultimately attract different users to your account.

  1. Promote your content on other platforms:

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If you want to grow your followers and likes on Instagram instantly, then you need to promote your content on all the social media platforms. It is also called cross-promoting and is followed by many brands and companies. For instance, you can consider sharing the content on Pinterest as it is gaining more popularity day by day. 

Moreover, with Pinterest’s increasing referral traffic, many content creators have seen a massive rise in their Instagram following. So make sure you choose different platforms relevant to your content and start promoting it to gain more followers and likes. For example, you can give a try to Youtube, E-mail, Facebook, or Linkedin to attract different people and see which works best for you.

  1. Collaborate with Micro-Influencers:

If you want to reach a new audience and increase your follower count, then collaborating with micro-influencers will be one of the preferable ways for you. It is better to go with them than considering the users with a blue tick and high follower counts because they might have a higher rate for collaboration. For instance, you can prefer to work with influencers that have followers between 10K and 100K as they have better engagement and reach. These users have an interesting set of audience, so you don’t need to fight for attention. Moreover, they are known for a specific niche, so you can find the relevant influencers and work with them for better results.


Gaining more followers and likes on the Instagram account can seem like a challenge, but if you follow some effective steps and strategies, then you can surely get more Instagram followers and likes in the future.