Choosing a major is one of the milestones of our career that sets the path for the future. The modern world has a wide variety of fields for students, and many find themselves in a dilemma while choosing one. Students need to be vigilant and conduct thorough research while zeroing down on one major. Selecting a major is the first step of entering into professional life, which is why many students stress about choosing the right one. Students often pursue a career in the same field and spend their whole lives in one profession. Experts suggest that students should consider various specializations and conduct extensive research before zeroing down on academic endeavors. 

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Undoubtedly, business is one of the most sought-after fields. Every year, thousands of people enroll themselves in various business degrees. Studying business helps people develop analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills, vital for achieving success in today's world. The business field has expanded by leaps and bounds, and today, several subfields come under its umbrella. Contrary to common perception, business graduates are not limited to any particular industry; instead, they can enter many fields and serve in different departments. Venturing into the business arena opens vast opportunities for individuals in various subfields. It allows individuals with the options to either seek employment or set up their business. 

Below we are listing some subfields which you can easily enter after earning a business degree: 

  1. Business Analytics 

A simple definition for business analytics is that it is data science for businesses. Data is a word that has been creating a buzz for the past few years, and experts predict that data will lead every industry. The upcoming era will be more digitized, and technologically advanced companies will have the edge over others. A business analytics degree is in demand as it equips students with data management skills. Data analysis improves decision-making and assists in every aspect of a business. In the modern world, people prefer e-education as it is adaptable and economical. Business graduates can enroll in an online business analytics degree and get a better understanding of data sciences. A deep insight into data sciences makes people eligible for critical roles in organizations, consequently enhancing their career profile.

  1. Human Resource Management 

The human resource department is crucial for any company's success. It plays a vital role in keeping the company together. Human resource management handles a wide array of tasks, such as recruiting new employees, dealing with conflicts, managing payroll, and promoting collaborative culture. Business graduates can further pursue Human Resource Management (HRM) degrees and learn practical personnel management skills. Once you attain the degree, you can easily land a job in any sector. With an HR degree, you can work in different sectors as HR is an integral department of any company.

  1. Marketing

Marketing is the cornerstone of any business, and in today's competitive world, it has become more critical. Marketing is a popular subfield of business, and it exposes students to new trends of marketing and branding. The course gives an overview of business topics while focusing on building students' marketing and branding skills. It is a field known for harnessing creativity, allowing people to come up with innovative strategies. Marketers' primary motive is to attract the masses to purchase company products/services, which helps determine consumer behavior. Moreover, a marketing degree raises the chances of job rotation as well as international job placements. 

  1. Supply Chain

Another business subfield that entices a vast majority of business graduates is supply chain management. It offers substantial growth and proposes different ways to enhance students' business knowledge. SCM, supply chain management, covers all aspects from creating products to delivering them to the end-users. Supply chain managers deal with quality assurance and make decisions that ensure quality and efficiency. It allows students to understand a company’s logistics and supply chain needs by learning supply chain management fundamentals. Additionally, they acquire technical skills and in-depth knowledge of the business field. SCM degree makes you eligible for various prestigious jobs, including business operations manager, supply chain manager, and supply chain performance analyst.   

  1. Finance

Undeniably, finance is a thriving and dynamic field. It provides business graduates with an in-depth insight into money matters. It reveals the mechanisms behind financial decision-making, investments, and policies. Apart from making a career in finance, being financially literate helps in other aspects of life. People often inquire about how to become a financial analyst as it is one of the most sought-after professions of the modern-day. After pursuing a business graduate degree, students have many job opportunities and can also establish their business.

  1. Economics

Economics is not solely a financial discipline, but it is a different field. Business graduates who want to apply economic theories to policy matters can earn an advanced economics degree and better understand the area. It prepares students by providing them with prior knowledge of how economics impacts international business and develops quantitative reasoning skills. Studying economics makes people detail-oriented and exposes them to various areas. They learn about different components that fuel economies worldwide. Gaining an advanced economic degree allows you to work as an economist, paving the way to work in multinationals and large enterprises. 

  1. Information Technology

Experts say that in the upcoming years, tech-savvy people who can leverage technology strategically will be more valuable. After earning a business graduate degree, studying technology management gives students a solid business knowledge base and develops technological and managerial skills. IT managers raise awareness about the advantage of technology and innovation and provide training for its utilization for enhancing business activities. They maintain the organization's technology, such as overseeing IT and security and maintaining hardware and networks. A technology management degree is an advanced degree that makes business graduates competent in technical matters and turns them into valuable assets. 


Business graduates get exposure to the corporate sector, even before venturing into their professional life. It provides students with basic knowledge of business and earning a major in one of the business fields equips them with advanced specialization skills. Business studies offer various advanced degree programs, and students can enroll in one as per their preferences. Furthermore, switching career paths for business graduates is also convenient as they possess knowledge in all business subfields.