In an era of accessible information, the most important thing is to choose the right knowledge source from hundreds of thousands of open resources. Proven educational platforms are the best guarantee of relevant materials and scientific approach. After completing the remote courses, you will be able to get a certificate, which will be a visible embodiment of success and motivation for new achievements. And if you have any difficulties with your homework, you can always use one of the writing services to buy essays online. We've prepared a selection of free courses for you, after passing which you will receive free certificates. 

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OpenWHO is the WHO's new interactive web-based educational platform that offers online courses to improve response to health emergencies. The classes are available to absolutely anyone who registers on the platform's website. You can take the course as long as you need. At the end of the training, you will receive a free certificate of completion. 

Google Digital Garage

Google runs Digital Garage, a free training course on digital marketing, in several countries around the world. These courses are a real gem for people who want to build their business and understand everything from marketing and content to scaling and budgeting. The classes are designed in partnership with major online education platforms such as FutureLearn, The Open University, OpenClassrooms, and Goodwill Community Foundation. Users who successfully complete the courses will receive a certificate from the Google Digital Workshop, accredited by The Open University (the largest university of open education in the UK, one of the leading educational institutions in Europe, the world leader in remote learning) and IAB Europe. Google believes that the certificate of completion of courses may, in the future, help users get a job.

Future Learn 

FutureLearn is an online platform offering free courses from the world's leading universities and cultural institutes. All education programs are available in a convenient form and on any electronic device, including smartphones and tablets. FutureLearn is part of The Open University, an organization with more than 40 years of experience in remote and online education. The academic organization works with the best universities in the UK and the world, as well as the British Library and the British Museum. Its partners include the BBC, Marks & Spencer, the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), and even the UK government!

After completing most courses, a student receives a certificate that proves that he or she has studied. In order to receive this certificate, you must complete the entire course and complete all the test assignments offered.

Some courses require you to take a special final exam at a regional examination center. This exam results in a certificate confirming that the student has some knowledge of the subject.

Google Analytics Academy 

Google offers not only digital marketing courses but also has an entire Google Analytics Academy. In the Advanced Google Analytics course, you will learn how data is collected, and reports are generated. You'll be taught how to use special settings and indicators, event tracking, and other tools to collect information that's important to you. You'll also learn about advanced analysis methods, including segmentation, channel, audience, and special reports, as well as marketing strategies that allow you to show ads to users who have already visited your site (regular and dynamic remarketing).

Oxford Home Study 

Oxford Home Study is ideal for people who want to acquire basic knowledge in a particular field. The courses are completely free and consist mainly of 10-30 hours of study time. Here you can learn about Internet marketing and human resources management, as well as get ready for wedding planning or learn how to do manicure and pedicure. After completing the course, you will receive a certified letter to your e-mail, which confirms passing this mini online education. 

Facebook Blueprint 

Facebook Blueprint is a huge database of knowledge about Facebook advertising and company-owned services. Based on this platform, anyone can pass an exam and receive a certificate. It is divided into two areas — advertising campaign planning and advertising procurement. It is possible to get these certificates by passing strict exams. The purpose of the exams is to test marketers and determine the level of skills such as strategy development, results tracking and reporting, performance measurement, and troubleshooting (and this is a far from the complete list). 

Having Blueprint certification means not only proof of your professional reputation, but also a significant increase in your skills because the exams are really tough.