The majority of college students these days know their share of technology as they are trying to do all the possible to get over the writing challenges. The websites to write essays online are one of the options that they always consider. Still, there are certain difficulties. Far not all the services are safe to use or do not keep their promises in terms of meeting the deadlines or keeping the writing original. As a way to keep things safe for you, our team of experts decided to provide you with five legit websites that help write essays for you in the United States. We have picked the different services by actually testing them. Placing an order, we tried the quality and took our time to study the background of each service as we browsed the Internet for reviews and feedback. What you shall read below will provide you with detailed information to help you make your safe choice! 


Now, why do college students and school children tend to approach sites that write essays for you? The answer is quite simple: it is the heavy workload, unclear grading rubrics, and the fear of plagiarism as they do not know how to cite and provide all the necessary writing style data. Let’s assume a situation where the college student has finished the part-time job and started to do homework at nine in the evening. Sure thing, there are no college professors to help along. The same can be said about those school students who are on the writing block and do not know how to deal with a project. Turning to a website that writes papers is the only solution that helps 24/7 and does not degrade your work or violate your privacy. Now let us proceed with the reviews of the services! 

Top 5 Websites That Help Write Essays In The USA in 2022 





  • The History of the Company: If there is one company that does not need an introduction for the majority of college learners, it is EduBirdie writing essay service. Many students have a question “Is EduBirdie Legit?”, but the company is one of the legit options and has been providing all types of writing for about 8-9 years, depending on the different sources. They are one of the legit services with the very strict rules and the user policies that allow you to use their service only for educational purposes. 
  • The Trustworthiness: They provide free revisions and refunds. It means that you can correct your essay free of charge if it is something minor. If the writing contains plagiarism or poor quality, you can request a refund. They are one of those services that have a good QA team and will check on every essay if something is wrong. As a website that will write an essay for you based on your grading rubric, they also have writers in various subjects and essay types. We were happily surprised to find a wide range of academic help. 
  • Testing The Essay Quality: We have tried two different tasks to determine how well they can cope. The first task has been done with the “All Writers” level, which means that we have used the most suitable writer. The paper has been related to English Literature. The final essay was plagiarism-free and had no major flaws. It has been corrected with a free revision. It has been done promptly. The second paper was a case study writing and we used the “Gold” writer (Top 50 writers). It was a bit more expensive, yet the writing was totally perfect. It shows that this site that writes essays for you can handle the complex tasks as well and that their best writers are even better. 
  • Affordability Factor: The prices start at $13.99 per page, yet the final price may increase if you choose a higher writer’s level or if your deadline is urgent. Still, it is an affordable website to consider. 
  • Online Reviews: They have earned 4.7 out of 5 stars based on the various review websites. They are also available on Sitejabber and Trustpilot. You can read online reviews on Quora. The majority of college students choose this website for essays for most tasks and they never disappoint! 
  • Customer Support: They are available 24/7 and will provide you with assistance even when things go wrong or you need to ask for a refund. The support agents have always been nice and responded immediately. 
  • Our Opinion: As a site that writes essays legally, it is one of the best choices to consider if you want to achieve success with anything from a complex research paper to creative writing. The company provides affordable prices, free revisions, and skilled writers. 


Same Day Papers


  • The History of the Company: You might already know the company since it has been in operation since 2017. They have skilled native English speakers. It is a great option for those students who are learning English or belonging to the exchange learners. They are friendly and open-minded when it comes to the provided services. 
  • The Trustworthiness: They are one of the best companies for essay editing and proofreading. They offer free revisions and refunds. Speaking of websites for essays, they also offer a free plagiarism detection tool and the grammar checker. These are available free of charge and shows that this company can show what’s to come even before you place an order. 
  • Testing The Essay Quality: Things would never become clear unless you test them with an actual essay. We have tested this service by turning to the Criminal Law essay. Our writer knew a lot about the subject and has provided all the necessary quotes. The originality has been very high and the grammar has been perfect. If you use this website to write a paper for something urgent, you will be surprised with the timely delivery and the care on behalf of the expert as it has been in our case. 
  • Affordability Factor: Their prices start at $12.99 per page if you are planning to pay for an essay. If you would like to edit things separately, it will cost you $5.5 per page. Their editing is one of the best we have encountered. 
  • Online Reviews: They have over 200 online reviews that are both short and detailed, depending on the person. Still, it has allowed us to learn a lot about this website for essay writing. Their average is 4.38 out of 5 total points, which is a trusted result. Their customers praise them for the presence of the UK and the Australian branches as they can handle various subjects that are specific to the countries mentioned. 
  • Customer Support: You can contact them 24/7 if you are in the United States. Likewise, if you are in the UK or Australia, you can talk to their representatives. They are always helpful and will assist you with anything from payment methods to issues with your order. 
  • Our Opinion: If you need to edit your essay and receive an essay on time with the perfect grammar, it is the one of the websites that write papers for you with a stellar grammar and great quality. They are a legit service with a British vibe that you will enjoy if stylish writing is your cup of tea! 


Essay Vikings



  • The History of the Company: It is one of the young companies that we have discovered purely by accident as we sought those legal services that help students overcome the writing challenges. This company is one of the most affordable options to consider and it might explain why it is so popular. They are quite popular in the USA among high school learners. They seem to be ready to assist with all types of homework by covering most subjects. 
  • The Trustworthiness: Checking the websites that will write essays for you, we did not hear about this company before, yet the reviews show that they are a hidden gem in the market that should not be ignored. They offer safe payment methods, free revisions, and a great selection of writers. 
  • Testing The Essay Quality: We have checked this company by posting a scholarship essay request. Since it has been related to creative work, we did not know what to expect. The final paper has been delivered on time and the writer has been active by asking questions and requesting more information about our task. It has been helpful and showed that they really care to provide you with a great essay. Considering the websites that type essays for you, they are a safe option that also provides creative writing if it’s something you are looking for. 
  • Affordability Factor: This is the best part of this service as their prices start at only $9.99 per page. It must be noted that your price will increase if you have an urgent order. If it’s about 5-6 hours until submission, it will cost more. Still, they are an affordable solution for your writing challenges. 
  • Online Reviews: How does this website that does essays for you cope with the online reviews? From what we can tell, they are leaving all the negative reviews as well. They have 4 stars at TrustPilot’s platform and 5 stars on Sitejabber. Their customers are mostly college learners and they are happy with this young essay writing service. 
  • Customer Support: They are available via the phone, contact form, email, and the online chat. We were happy to catch them via the phone and they have been responsive and immediately available. 
  • Our Opinion: If you need a website to type essays that won’t break the bank, think about this solution. They are also a great service that provides great writers and originality. Their reviews also prove that they deliver essays on time and always reply to the issues that they have. It’s a reliable company! 


Study Clerk 



  • The History of the Company: They are one of the most transparent writing services that we came across as we composed this review. The company has been online since 2018 and has already earned a reputation in the field of serious research work. Of course, they belong to websites that help with essays in any field and with every essay type, yet not every essay business can handle complex work as good as the StudyClerk. 
  • The Trustworthiness: They are always sending you a reminder that you should pay only if you are happy with the paper. They have free revisions feature and a clear refunds system. Luckily, we did not use this feature. Those people who had to request it were happy to get their funds back. They are a safe service to consider for your homework challenges. 
  • Testing The Essay Quality: Testing the quality of the writers has been easy. They have a great ordering system where you can fill all the important fields. The writers will double-check the formatting and will ask you about those unclear bits (if there are any). As a website that types essays for you, they follow the rules and have great formatting. Our paper has been made ready for submission and needed zero additional editing. Our paper has been delivered on time, considering our urgent order. 
  • Affordability Factor: The prices start at $13.99 and remains within the normal range as you work with the urgent deadlines. They claim to complete your paper in as little as 3 hours, which is mostly good for editing or when you need to finish the conclusion of your paper. It’s a safe website that types essay for you by keeping their quality high and actually warning you about the features that they have. 
  • Online Reviews: The reviews that are available online are very good and the company always responds to the messages on various platforms. They are open to suggestions and always keep their service transparent as they were ready to provide us with all the necessary information. Based on our review alone and the testimonials that we could find, they are plagiarism-free and a great choice for thesis writing and those tasks that require good sources. 
  • Customer Support: They are one of the best support teams. If you ask us, what website writes writes essays for you and also has the best customer support, we can easily choose them as the top choice! Awesome support!  
  • Our Opinion: This essay writing service is one of the best legit options that offer top quality and a great selection of the best writers. They have experienced support team that will provide you with the timely assistance. If you want to deal with a reputable company, this is it! 


A Research Guide 



  • The History of the Company: According to the company’s background, they have been operating in the field of academic writing for more than ten years. It’s one of the hidden treasures that not many college learners know about! It’s not simply a website for writing essays. It’s a complex hub that has a lot of free data based on research writing templates and the guides. It’s a great community that many educators and businesses use to improve the quality of their teaching. If you want to use something legit that also provides academic assistance online, it is the way to go! 
  • The Trustworthiness: They have a great team of professional essay writers that will be able to cover research writing and most academic subjects. You may not be able to find a lot about this company on Sitejabber or Trustpilot, yet they have earned numerous awards and recognition from top universities. They are a legit service that can be used without fear. 
  • Testing The Essay Quality: We have placed a research paper request on Political Sciences essay. It was related to the recent events and had to include four newspaper references. The writer has coped well and provided an original paper. Choosing websites to help with essays, A Research Guide will also provide you with a customer support agent who will ask all the questions before matching you with a great writer. Our specialist probably belongs to one of the top specialists and we can recommend cooperating with the company. 
  • Affordability Factor: They are the most expensive company on our list of legit essay companies, yet they also provide you with numerous free articles and will provide you with professional consulting for students. Their prices start at $14.99 per page. 
  • Online Reviews: You won’t be able to find tons of reviews among the best websites for writing essays, yet we were able to find the positive reviews in specific academic communities. They are serious about their business and provide only skilled and verified writers. Choosing a website to help write essays, you should think about research papers as this website is the best choice for this type of academic work. 
  • Customer Support: They are really helpful as they will provide you with the custom tips and suggestions even before you place an order. Our paper has been double-checked for plagiarism and the grading rubric has been fully met. The high quality standards have been met because of the ultra care by the support team. 
  • Our Opinion: If you want to choose something unique and not a household name for essay writing businesses, then you can choose this option. Researching legit websites that help you write essays, you can safely choose A Research Guide for serious work. Their quality is high and they deliver the essays timely. The presence of the freebies alone make it a great choice! 


Choosing The Right Essay Service


Every person has a specific definition of “the best” quality, which is why we have tried to provide you with a selection of the high standards and the companies that seem to follow them. One of the important aspects that we have tried to cover is the legality of the service and the attitude to the customers. Depending on your quality benchmarks, you can choose the writer’s level or approach the experts by asking questions to see if they are good enough. As you choose a website that writes papers for you, think about reading the reviews and sharing as much information as you can to achieve the best results. After all, it always comes down to how much you share and explain what must be done. Based on our experience, those assignments that have been explained well have resulted in better quality and the lack of free revisions to correct things. While there may be a minor misunderstanding of the initial instructions, you won’t have to rewrite the paper or receive something that is totally off the grid. For example, A Research Guide company will provide you with sufficient free information regarding the rules on how to write your research paper. It will help you to learn what to look for. Now, EduBirdie will have the writer’s level that will help you to match the writers that are the best in your subject if you have to write a dissertation or a thesis statement. All these little tricks help to achieve better results and implement all the advantages that are out there! As you work with a website that writes essays for you online, take your time to explore all the benefits like free refunds, plagiarism reports, additional editing, or the possibility to let customer support pick the right writer for you. With all things combined, you will be all set! 


Can you help me find legit essay writing services? 


This is exactly what our review has tried to achieve! We have focused on the best essay writing companies to provide you with the websites to write essays in a legit and accurate way. You can approach any of them based on our experience and the testimonials that other people have left. 


Will they keep my paper original when I submit my essay? 


It is the most important aspect that you must consider as you place an order online. The companies like EduBirdie have very strict anti-plagiarism policies and will check your paper twice before you receive it. They have various systems to check for similarities. Every paper is written from scratch. There are also websites that write paragraphs for you, which means that they will check every bit to ensure that you are safe. 


What's a reliable essay when I place my order? 


Each essay provider that we have listed belongs to trustworthy sources of academic help. These are established players in the essay market that are legit and provide all the necessary formatting, style, plagiarism check, editing, and many other services. There are also safe payment methods, refunds, and free revisions to consider. 


Are these essay writing services really legit? 


Choosing a website that writes paragraphs for you or asking for a personal statement for college from one of these services will not bring you in trouble. These sites ask you to use the essays for help as you compose your own work. They are credible and stand for academic assistance online or editing to get your grades improved! 


Will they charge more if I have a short deadline or have a special request? 


The majority of college students use writing services when they are in a hurry. As you are forming the price of the order, the urgent deadline is one of those factors when your price instantly increases. Using websites to help write essays urgently, you can get help in as little as three hours. The price will increase since urgent work is always more expensive. Make sure to ask customer support for more information in each particular case.