With the warm temperatures and the sun of summer comes the need to hydrate properly. Staying hydrated boosts your energy, improves the appearance of your skin, and aids in digestion. Here are five hydrating summer drinks to add to your diet.

Electrolyte Drinks: If you are an athlete who spends a significant amount of time exercising in the heat, you may need something more powerful than just water to provide the right amount of hydration. You do not have to rely on commercial electrolyte drinks to get these benefits. Simply combine two cups of cold water with three tablespoons of maple syrup and then add in one teaspoon of sea salt and top with ice. Add the desired amount of lemon juice and lime juice to suit your preference.

Water Infused with CBD: Combine the benefits of hydrating water with CBD for the perfect summer refresher. It is easy to create this drink with the use of a CBD tincture. These tinctures are for sale in a variety of sizes and flavors so that you can add in some flavor to your water. Choose from flavors such as orange, mint, or berry. Simply prepare your glass of cold water and add a few drops of the oil into your drink.

Natural Lemonade: Instead of reaching for that sugary soda, consider making a natural lemonade instead. Not only will this beverage provide crucial hydration, but the immense amount of lemon will also deliver detoxification benefits. You can also try making it with sparkling water if you want to add a little fizz to your drink. Have fun exploring different flavors of lemonade by adding in fruits such as mangoes or blueberries to muddle in your beverage.

Spa Water: There is no doubt that water is the single most hydrating drink that is available. Despite its immense hydrating qualities, plain water can get a bit boring after some time. You can jazz up your regular water and make it more palatable by turning it into fancy spa water. Simply slice up some lemons, limes, or oranges to add to the water. Or go a different route and try adding some sliced cucumbers or a sprig of mint. These additions will deliver a fresher taste and add a different flavor to your everyday water.

Herbal Teas: You do not have to limit your herbal tea consumption to just a cozy mug in the winter. Herbal tea can also be enjoyed in the summer as an iced beverage. Simply brew your tea and add some ice for a refreshing and hydrating drink. These natural teas are caffeine-free, giving you the peace of mind that you are not striping away crucial hydration. Herbal teas also provide the bonus of calming the mind and relaxing your nerves.

Any of these five beverages will quench your thirst while providing plenty of hydration benefits during the dog days of summer. The important thing is to make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids from a wide variety of sources throughout the day.