The Bundesliga is Germany's top football league, with an estimated net worth of $10 million per year. With Bundesliga predictions, making informed bets are so much easier for punters.

German football is famous worldwide, with some top global teams participating in the German football league. Fans appreciate the quality and football, as Germany's top teams compete in the latter parts of the Champions and Europa league.

Read on as we explore some essential information you should know when betting on the Bundesliga.

Three-Way Betting 

Three-way betting is football's quintessential money maker, but the difference between football and baseball and other sports that must have a winner is that some football league games can end in a draw. In this case, there are three ways a bet could go; in favor of the underdogs or the favorites, and it can also end as a draw. 

Suppose you're placing a bet on a fixture between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund; you should expect to see something like this: Bayern Munich (-150), Borussia Dortmund (+250), and Draw (+300). 

Bayern Munich is the favorite here because it comes at a minus (-), while Borussia Dortmund is the underdog because it comes at plus money (+). If both teams have a minus, then the team with the higher number is the favorite, while if both teams come at plus money, then the squad with the lower number is the favorite.

Spread Betting 

If you have ever bet on other leagues like NFL and NBA, you are probably familiar with the basics of spread betting. Knowing that one team is considered the favorite, the bookmakers adjust the line to give the underdogs an advantage. 

An example would be a fixture between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. You may see Bayern Munich (-1.5): -100 and Borussia Dortmund (+1.5): -100. 

Here's the exciting part; a game like this would require you to stake $100 to win on either team. Since Bayern Munich are the better team, they would need to score above one goal for you to win the bet. On the contrary, if Borussia Dortmund loses by a goal or the match ends in a draw, you win the bet. 

Futures Betting 

Future betting involves wagering on an outcome that will finish in the future. It is different from wagering on the outcome of a single game but nearly as popular. The future bet's result is completed in the future and not on the day of the wager.

Many bettors prefer future bets as they have a long lifespan. With Bundesliga picks, you can claim single-game wagers in a day or week while future chances span longer. Future bets also allow gamblers to have money to stake or multiple games without researching each of these games.

Over/Under Betting 

Over/under betting involves placing a bet on the total score of both teams. You must bet on whether the teams would go above or below a total set by the oddsmakers. 

The over-under refers to the total number of points in the game. The most popular type of over-under bet is the combined score of two teams in a match. In this scenario, the bettor bets that the total game points will be higher or lower than the "over-under".

If the bettor is correct, they win. However, if the actual number exactly equals the over-under, all bets are refunded. This scenario is also a push.

Live Betting 

Live betting is helpful for bettors who need to place their bets before the match commences. It allows them to place bets based on real-time game predictions. Several options for live betting are available, including alternative point spreads, point spreads, and money lines.

Since the game data updates in real-time, the odds are fair, and sportsbook operators place an advantage into the wager's price.

Similar to pre-game wagering, it is best to check around several sportsbook operators to see which offers the best prices. Also, research Bundesliga predictions today, as they can provide recent odds and set you up for success.