Smartphones are the main devices for all generations. Except for texting or calling, people use them for work or entertainment, such as watching videos or playing at casinochan.pro. Yet,  thousands of smartphones are released annually. So, it is hard to find the best device yourself. These criteria are the main if you are looking for a better smartphone.

Screen Size

There is no perfect smartphone size. It is determined by the owner's needs and intended scenarios of use. A typical smartphone today starts at 6 inches. Cons associated with large size are compensated by the capabilities of the device. To play, search the Internet, watch videos, and even work, such gadgets are much more convenient and pleasant. For connoisseurs of small smartphones, there are a few budget models up to 5 inches. You can use them even with one hand.


The larger the diagonal, the more resolution is required. Based on the classic HD (720), Full HD (1080), and 2K (1440), smartphone manufacturers have created many new options.

Picture quality is easier to assess by the parameter of pixels per inch density (PPI). It is the number of pixels per inch on the screen. The higher the PPI, the better the picture quality. It is believed that the human eye can no longer distinguish individual pixels from 300 PPI.


Ceramics, glass, leather, wood and metal can be used for the smartphone. The construction of protected devices often contains steel and rubber. Yet, the case is usually limited to plastic, which has many of undeniable advantages. The main ones are strength, lightness, durability, and low cost. To give the plastic case a more attractive appearance, manufacturers use bright colors, gradient transitions, a combination of glossy and matte surfaces.


The speed of the smartphone and the number of programs with which the device can work simultaneously depend on the RAM. The minimum indicator, which is worth targeting, today is 8 GB. In most models, the amount of RAM can reach 16 GB. In any case, there is no surplus RAM, and you need to find a balance between your needs and budget.

If you are not sure that it will be enough, look for devices with the ability to expand with memory cards. By the way, this option will help to save money. Manufacturers like to inflate the cost of smartphones with large storage. If you want to shoot 8K video you can buy a phone with 512 GB.


The camera resolution in some smartphones reaches 108 MP. The main sensor is aided by many extra sensors designed to improve the quality of the pictures taken and expand the photo capabilities of the model. For example, the super-wide-angle lens captures more space and is perfect for shooting landscapes, the portrait lens blurs the background, and the macro camera allows you to shoot small objects at close range.