The term "edge-lit led lighting" refers to a configuration in which optically clear substrates, such as glass, perspex, plexiglass, or many other types of acrylics, are surrounded by an edge-lit profile that contains an LED strip.

This allows the light to pass through the clear material and illuminate the area behind the profile. In recent years, edge lighting of Plexiglass, Perspex, and other substrates that are comparable has seen an increase in demand. 

This has been done to achieve custom architectural features, edge-lit displays, acrylic signs, LED illuminated bar shelves, and LED glass edge lighting, among other applications.

What is an edge-lit sign?

When making acrylic signs, the substrate is typically engraved to refract the light and display the intended logo or writing. Depending on the effect that is sought, this step may or may not be performed. 

Edge-lit acrylic exit signs are frequently used for emergency exit lighting in modern buildings or retail centers. 

Because this kind of signage is often less bulky than conventional signage and a "neon effect" display can be readily achieved without the risk of shattered glass, side-lit acrylic is frequently utilized for lighted bar signs. This style of signage is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

How edge-lit acrylic signs are made

Etching edge-lit acrylic plexiglass is typically done with a laser cutter because it is crucial that the panel edges be as smooth as possible to allow for maximum light passage from the LEDs into the sign panel. 

Edge-lit acrylic plexiglass is also known as cast acrylic. After that, an LED Edge-lighting channel is either partially or totally installed around the panels to frame them. 

It is recommended that the base of your edge-lit LED sign to be made of aluminum for a number of reasons, one of which is that aluminum is an excellent heat sink for LED strip, which is typically high-powered in these applications.

1. Edge-lit night lights

Edge-lit acrylic night lights can be created using a number of different designs to create an eye-catching and luminous night display. While these nightlights make unique bedside features, they can also double up as great window displays to draw clientele to vendors.

2. Edge-lit directional signs

Edge-lit acrylic directional signs can be easily created to provide a beautiful and luminous Wayfinder for clientele. 

Edge-lit directional signs create wonderful atmospheric additions to hotels, restaurants, or other venues that require beautiful yet functional aesthetics to enhance the appeal to their visitors. 

3. Edge-lit vendor signs

An edge-lit vendor sign creates a sophisticated alternative to the traditional neon sign. These edge-lit acrylic vendor signs illuminate the name of your business while perfectly displaying the unique look and feel of your brand and logo. 

They also create wonderful additions to night-lit streets in busy business areas and their eye-catching displays serve to draw the crowds into your business. 

4. Edge-lit finishes

Finally, edge-lit acrylic finishes provide a stylish and interesting look to any room or area. Bathrooms, bar counters, walkways, and staircases all benefit from the unique lighting effects of edge-lit acrylic pieces which can be professionally inserted for maximal effect. 


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