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Wall decoration usually isn’t the first thing that enters people’s minds to beautify a house. Since they are much eager to see how larger items would suit the initial concept they’ve had been thinking about, furniture and appliances are the main focus and are the first things they’ll be looking for. Little do they know that planning the wall design is necessary and can transform the house’s concept in various ways. Contrary to the common arrangement of making it last, wall art can and should be planned first.   

Moreover, the way you decorate your wall says about the people living in the house. This is also where first impressions are built, so deciding how the wall decoration goes will highly matter. Depending on which parts of the house you’ve chosen to highlight, how you establish your design will reflect on your personality. 

We’ve gathered ideas on what you can consider doing for your plain walls. Browse them below:

Three-dimensional panels 

Wall panels are known decorative ornaments that were associated with houses for many years. As time passed, there were technological advancements embedded in these ornaments with their features being improved. Newer 3D panels are now manufactured using durable materials, easy to install, and are only low-maintenance. Moreover, these provide additional benefits aside from just beautifying your walls such as covering imperfections on the surfaces, improving the sound quality of rooms, and transforming a whole unused room into something that can be occupied by people. If you have flawed spots on your walls that can’t be reversed, 3D panels can just hide them for you. These can also be utilized to hide disorganized cables, wires, and attached devices that could obstruct your wall design. You can even permanently attach the panel on the imperfection because it does not need to be monitored regularly regarding its condition. It is crafted out from materials with exceptional quality which means it does not deteriorate quickly.

In addition, there are multiple choices of pattern, texture, color, size, and designs available to match your style. You can even have it custom-made to suit your preference. The layout is all up to you, especially that you know better what complements your house’s interior design. Lastly, the installation is easier since it’s equipped with a user-friendly design and instructions can easily be followed.

Wall gallery or mini-exhibit 

Who doesn’t love a gallery on their walls? They bring a lot of things to your home. First, they can bring spice to your space and could be an avenue for collectors to display their treasured items. This could also be an opportunity to showcase your personality and your interests in your home. However, if you think that wall galleries or exhibitions may be too common in terms of setup and that you’re looking for something unique, we’ve got you!

Wall galleries can include anything that can be displayed: photos, pieces of art, or toys. In developing the layout for your objects, begin to select which photos, pieces of art, or toys are up for display. Choose the best ones that you feel most comfortable and confident to showcase. Sorting out would help you determine how your gallery arrangement will go. If you have no idea which ones should be selected, check if there are visible flaws and if none, you can opt to follow a certain color scheme. This can make your gallery pleasant to look at. Remember that colors are crucial elements in the design process. They automatically serve the purpose of being the leader when it comes to establishing a concept. You can search for conventional color palettes and hues and try to match them using your collection.

Another tip with setting up a wall gallery is to choose a piece that would function as the centerpiece. That way, it will create a layer of sophistication to the area where you’ve set up the gallery. The combination of items that surrounds the main piece will certainly grab attention and make the space look sleek. When space is touched by natural light, all the more it will appear dainty. 

Mirror wall ornaments

It's a common idea in the world of interior design that a mirror does complete the overall room look. What’s even better is that mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes which allows them to cater to different design schemes ranging from traditional to modern. One advantage of mirrors as ornaments is that creating the illusion of space is what they do best. It will help you make your room appear as if it had a larger space. Next, it also helps in covering uneven surfaces or spots on the walls. Mirrors are effective in making a statement, too. Placing one will create a focal point, adding an accent to space. Lastly, it brightens up the area since it functions as a source of light. 

Metal wall sculptures  

Looking for long-lasting high-quality wall decoration? Wall sculptures built from creative metal design are definitely what your house needs. A dash of metal in your wall would exude elegance and class. Metal is an impressive element due to its indisputable qualities. Thus, whatever item that is made of metal is surely durable and longer-lasting. Its malleable feature also makes it capable of being bent and molded into different shapes and figures. This explains the demand for wall sculptures as decorations for homes. You can sketch a design for the sculpture and have a fabrication company create it for you. Your metal sculpture could be a total attention-grabber as soon visitors have stepped into your home.

Wrapping up

Wall art is not some sort of a last-minute option if the initial house arrangement goes wrong. It could be a basis for you to follow which pieces of furniture, paint color, appliances, and other elements to buy so that you’ve bought the essential home necessities and at the same time it complemented your wall decor. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. So, as early as possible, start deciding what type of wall display you will be doing and everything follows.