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Men have plenty of ways to expand their wardrobes, but what staples can’t be missed? Graphic tees for men are just the beginning if you want a well-rounded sense of style in today’s world.

Here are the essentials every man needs in their closet to look great year-round.

1. Standard Hoodies

The humble hoodie does a lot of work in a man’s wardrobe, from the gym to grocery runs and casual hangouts. 


The best hoodies offer quick deployment, unmatched comfort during travel, or relaxation when lounging at home watching a movie. It also can be dressed up with an overcoat for a high-brow meets low-brow look.

2. Graphic Tees for Men

Most graphic tees for men are comfy, convenient, and let your personality shine.


The right tee means repping your favorite band, a literary quote, or showing off your humor. Beyond just the casual, a graphic tee can help you spread a powerful message, or also show solidarity with a charity or cause. 

3. Wristwatch

With smartwatches that do it all, some say the classic wristwatch is obsolete. We disagree.


A wristwatch can showcase your personality, heighten an outfit, and make for a conversation starter.  With just one solid watch, you can swap out bands to match any outfit, without having to break the bank.

4. Denim Jeans

Some things never go out of style, and it's no surprise–jeans look great and are highly versatile. 


The rugged blue jeans cowboy look will always be an icon of American fashion, but highly durable denim comes in many colors and can be styled for almost any occasion. 


Whether you are getting buttoned up for date night or drinking with the boys, you need quality, fitted denim for all seasons.

5. Oxford Button Down Shirt

Every man needs at least one solid oxford shirt in his wardrobe. A quality oxford shirt has its place in both the workplace to the party scene, from the formal to the truly casual. 


Roll up the sleeves and pair with jeans and sneakers for an off-duty look, or button up with a tie and jacket to class it up.

6. Authentic Overshirt

Somewhere between a jacket and a button-down shirt, the overshirt is a useful addition to any man’s wardrobe. 


Throw it on over graphic tees for men when strolling through chilly days. Or wear it over a button-down or knitwear for a smart casual look. 

7. Athletic Sneakers

This may be an obvious choice for the fitness fanatic, but athletic footwear has its place outside of the gym as well. 


On a flight, long drive, or walking through a city, you’ll want to prioritize comfort. Pair with jeans and a blazer for a look that toes the line of casual and put-together.

8. Chilled-Out Chinos

Not quite as formal as dress pants, not quite as casual as jeans–every man needs a pair of chinos. 


This flexible addition to your wardrobe goes well with dress shoes, athletic footwear, or boots. It’s like a level-up from jeans without the constraints of formal dress pans.

9. Crew Neck Sweater

From casual cotton to cozy wool, the crew neck sweater is useful in every season but summer. 


A knitwear crew neck layered over an oxford shirt and paired with a blazer makes for a curated preppy look. Switch it up with a graphic crew neck when you head to the gym or go for a jog.

10. Work Boots

Work boots are no longer just for construction sites–they are a menswear essential. 


When it comes to fall and winter, a sturdy pair of leather work boots will be your best friend. They are tough enough to stand up to the elements and give your outfit a rugged look.

11. Statement Socks

A pair of statement socks can help turn up a dull outfit without overpowering a look. From the office to off-duty, they add an element of fun. 


Picking patterns, colors, and images that speak to you can help your personality shine and break the ice. 

12. Power Parka

When it comes to deep winter, the parka is the ideal jacket to turn to. 


Not only does it insulate against wind, snow, and the elements, but it looks great too. Trek through the city or even explore nature despite the winter chill. Faux-fur hoods add another layer of coziness and style.

13. Comfy Henley

The long-sleeved henley is a workhorse of a shirt, great in the fall, winter or spring. 


Combining the comfort of a t-shirt with the warmth of a long sleeve, this staple is easy to build an outfit around. The options are endless: unbuttoned with jeans, layered with a blazer, or under an overshirt, to name just a few.

14. Derby Dress Shoes

A solid pair of derby dress shoes is a must-have in any wardrobe, whether you go to formal events often or not. 


No one wants to be scrambling on date night or when a special occasion sneaks up. A derby shoe is appropriate for most formal events and can be easily dressed down.


Having a good mix of these staples will make for a solid men’s wardrobe. This list allows you to improvise with confidence and look your best, no matter the occasion.