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The United Arab Emirates can boast its state-of-the-art road infrastructure, eight-lane highways, and lush landscapes. This country is made for smooth driving. Today, renting a car from https://trinityrental.com is the most comfortable way to get to know this country better. With excellent road conditions even on the outskirts and many attractions scattered throughout the country, it’ll be a wise choice to rent car in Dubai and travel around the UAE at your own pace and on your terms. You can also visit unique locations that are challenging to reach by public transport. Let’s find out more about car rental in this amazing country!

Reasons to Rent a Car from Trinity Rental

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, or you hate taking a taxi, it’s better to rent a car. Trinity car rental offers you a bunch of benefits to make your stay in Dubai memorable:

  • Rent a luxury car without a deposit or additional payment. The car renting system is transparent and does not include any hidden fees.
  • The company's fleet includes more than 60 vehicles from the most famous brands, including advanced models released in 2023.
  • A car can be delivered to any convenient place — at the airport, hotel, bar, shopping mall, etc.
  • The company offers a convenient payment system for its services. You can pay by bank cards, cryptocurrencies, or in cash.
  • Having a controversial situation on the road? You can always arrange a consultation with a dedicated manager.
  • You won't have to drive around Dubai looking for a gas station, as all customers receive a car with a full fuel tank as a gift. You don’t need to pay for it.
  • The Rental price includes a generous daily limit of 300 km, full insurance, toll roads, and VAT.

If you are in the city for the first time or still have trouble navigating the complex road system, we recommend hiring an auto with driver. You'll get an English-speaking, experienced, and punctual driver who will easily take you to your desired address while you enjoy the magnificent scenery outside the window.


The most popular cars for rent in Dubai


Regarding luxury car rentals in Dubai, you will be spoiled for choice with the world's top brands. From unique sports cars to sophisticated sedans, Trinity Rental has it all. Let's discuss a few of the most popular prestige cars that were rented in 2023:

  • Rolls-Royce Ghost. The British corporation Rolls-Royce has created a fantastic automobile with elegance and luxury, making it the best option for celebrities and business leaders. Its advantages are a spacious interior, created from the latest materials with advanced technologies, and a reliable V12 engine, which guarantees comfortable and smooth movement.
  • Bentley Bentayga. The car looks like a standard SUV, but it packs a lot of power under the hood with a powerful twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. The design, hidden behind the body's green color and the car's aerodynamic parameters, simply takes your breath away. You can't look at this car and not assume that a world-class star is about to come out of there.
  • Mercedes G50. This extraordinary car received a powerful engine from a German manufacturer that guarantees dizzying power and torque. It has a modern powertrain and a unique set of features and characteristics. This premium car functions like it has superpowers, making every drive an unforgettable experience.
  • Porsche Panamera. It has exceptional parameters, a powerful engine, and the appearance of a sports car, but experts consider it a sedan due to its spacious interior. The car, designed for a company of five people, ensures your comfort and that of your fellow travelers. Such a vehicle has advanced functionality, including an entertainment system and the latest audio equipment, so you will not be bored.
  • Lamborghini Huracán. A cutting-edge sports car that delivers lightning speed and extraordinary performance. The popularity of this elite auto is associated with its original aerodynamic design, unique technological content in the interior, and careful selection of every detail. The advanced all-wheel-drive system guarantees maximum traction. The most precise handling provides an exceptional driving experience. It is not just a powerful car but an actual hurricane.

You do not know which of these cars is best for you? Analyze whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or with a whole group of friends, and evaluate your route. Renting a car is a great chance to test a vehicle you can't afford to buy but have long wanted to drive.


Features of traffic rules in the country


A key aspect that every driver who moves around the country in an exotic car should know is that the government has significant fines for violating traffic rules. You need to remember the following features of the traffic rules:

  • If you exceed the speed limit by less than 20 km/h, you will most likely be able to avoid additional costs. However, the fine for violating such a rule can range from 400 to 600 dirhams, almost $165. Don’t count on luck since cameras are installed everywhere.
  • The maximum speed is fixed in the leftmost lane, so if you plan to drive at an average speed, we recommend choosing the lane located to the right.
  • Within populated areas, you can drive up to 60 km/h; on highways, you should only drive up to 120 km/h.
  • If the check shows that you got behind the wheel while intoxicated, you face deportation or real prison time.
  • Children must be seated in special car seats.

If the police stop you, you should never try to solve the problem through a bribe. Not only will this not improve your situation, but it can also result in criminal liability.

Renting a VIP car in Dubai opens up a whole world of possibilities. This service gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore famous locations and the city's hidden gems. Before your trip, consider important factors such as driving requirements, rental price, and traffic rules to ensure your driving experience is not spoiled!