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Tribal businesses are businesses that are 51% owned by an Indian tribe. These businesses are often built over generations and the people who own them come from strong communities. Many tribal businesses are overlooked by consumers and this can result in them having to close down. It has never been more important to support tribal businesses. Read on to find out more.

Citizens at Risk

One of the main reasons why communities should work to support tribal businesses is that many tribal citizens are at risk. Many Native American tribes have fewer resources such as indoor plumbing and basic access to water. Without these resources, they find themselves in great need of financial support. If their businesses are supported, their communities can prosper. 

Traditional Businesses

Supporting tribal businesses isn’t just about supporting the people who run them, it is also about preserving history. A lot of these tribal businesses have been around for many years and so if they were to close, it would devastate the communities. Whether you are supporting Native American casinos or someone who creates handmade products, you are experiencing something truly traditional. 

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Social Issues

Unfortunately, in 2020, there are still some people who discriminate against those from tribal backgrounds. These kinds of social issues can have negative effects on communities and the USA as a whole. By supporting tribal businesses, outsiders can show their support for the communities and make them feel much more welcome. 

So, how can we help?

Shopping Locally

In a world where anything is available online, it can be hard to bring yourself to visit your local store to pick up something that you could have delivered. However, if you want to make sure that you are support tribal communities, you should make sure that you are shopping locally where you can. There are so many great tribal businesses out there that can offer so much more than some businesses online. 

Showing Public Support

Often, tribal communities can feel as though they are separate to others in the same area and while some of this is down to choice and traditional, it isn’t always great for business. For this reason, you could aim to show some public support to tribal businesses in any way that you can. Perhaps you could partner with a tribal business or share some information about them online. By showing this support, you can help these businesses to prosper.

Final Verdict

If you haven’t yet done your part to support tribal communities in your state, this is something that you might want to consider. There are so many ways to do this and when you do, you can improve the lives of others in your area. Show your support, buy handmade products and these businesses will continue to prosper for many years to come. 2020 hasn’t been an easy year for anyone so don’t forget about those who might need your support.