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Gregg Popovich is a true NBA legend and the mainstay of the San Antonio Spurs. Under his guidance, the Spurs achieved incredible success, including five championship titles. However, at 75 years old, Popovich will eventually have to step down from his position. This will be a truly epochal event for the franchise. The question of who will succeed the legendary coach will inevitably arise for the San Antonio management. Currently, there is no clear favorite, only speculations about potential candidates to take Popovich's place on the Spurs' bench. In this article, we will explore the main contenders for the role of Popovich's successor. These are more reflections and hypotheses than a deep analysis, but it's interesting to speculate about who could continue the era of greatness for the Spurs after the departure of the legendary mentor.

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Ime Udoka

Ime Udoka looks like an ideal candidate to succeed Popovich in San Antonio. He worked as an assistant to Gregg and is familiar with the team's structure. As the head coach, Udoka has proven his competence, quickly building a competitive project with the Houston Rockets. Udoka shares Popovich's philosophy - emphasizing defense and team play. At the same time, he is young and ambitious enough to lead the Spurs for many years. However, luring him away from the Rockets won't be easy. Udoka is determined to build a new dynasty in Houston.

Will Hardy

Another promising candidate is the current coach of the Utah Jazz, Will Hardy. He also started his career as Popovich's assistant in San Antonio and is well acquainted with the team. Currently, Hardy is doing an excellent job rebuilding the Jazz, developing young players. His philosophy is closely aligned with Popovich's ideas - focusing on team play and developing players' individual skills. Hardy seems like an ideal coach for the promising talents of San Antonio. However, he has a contract with Utah for another four years, making it challenging to lure him away.

Becky Hammon

The possibility of seeing Becky Hammon at the helm of the San Antonio Spurs generates interest and debates in the basketball community. Her experience in the WNBA, especially as the head coach of the Las Vegas Aces, where she successfully leads the team, provides a basis for considering her candidacy. However, appointing Hammon to such a responsible position for the Spurs at the current transitional period might be too risky. Evaluating her ability to adapt to NBA requirements requires careful consideration.

Tim Duncan

Despite his illustrious playing career and successful stint as an interim head coach, Tim Duncan expresses reluctance to permanently engage in coaching. This leaves the question of how realistic it is to see him as the head coach of the Spurs. However, his contribution to the team as a special advisor for basketball operations can be valuable, and his experience and knowledge of the game remain crucial for the development of young players.

Manu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili, currently in the position of special advisor for basketball operations in San Antonio, presents an interesting candidate. His experience and understanding of the club's system could be an advantage. However, it's unclear how seriously he considers the possibility of taking on the head coaching position, and his readiness for it raises questions.

Mike Budenholzer

Mike Budenholzer, although an experienced coach, may not be the right fit for the current needs of the Spurs. His limitations in Plan B and focus on specific aspects of the game may create problems in situations requiring adaptation. Issues with Plan B could be an obstacle in situations demanding a quick reaction to changes in the game.