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In the playoff matches for Euro 2024, 12 national teams will be competing. The triumphant teams in the finals will secure the last tickets to the European Championship in Germany. Three playoff tournaments will feature six semifinals on March 21, followed by three finals on March 26. The winners of the finals will complete the lineup for the Euro final stage. How will the playoff matches unfold?

Semifinals (March 21):

  • Path A: Poland vs. Estonia, Wales vs. Finland.
  • Path B: Israel vs. Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Ukraine.
  • Path C: Georgia vs. Luxembourg, Greece vs. Kazakhstan.

Finals (March 26):

  • Path A: Winner of Wales/Finland vs. Winner of Poland/Estonia.
  • Path B: Winner of Bosnia and Herzegovina/Ukraine vs. Winner of Israel/Iceland.
  • Path C: Winner of Georgia/Luxembourg vs. Winner of Greece/Kazakhstan.

All matchups will be single-elimination matches. In the event of a draw after regular time, teams will settle the result in extra time and, if necessary, through a penalty shootout.

This will be an intriguing clash where predicting the winner is quite challenging. If you want to test your football knowledge, then skachat APK Mostbet bookmaker's application. Well, let's try to forecast the potential winners. Meanwhile, let's try to forecast the potential winners.

Path A

Wales will face Finland in Cardiff, making the task challenging. Wales holds an advantage with home-field advantage, which could help them secure victory. Despite recent improvements, Finland is likely to face difficulties in this crucial match.

Poland is expected to have an easy game against Estonia. However, facing Wales in the next round will be a tough challenge for both teams. Both teams are struggling post-World Cup, and the match promises to be intriguing. Wales and Poland are trying to find their best form, and the outcome might depend on how well they adapt to the current situation.

Poland may not look as confident as before, given their coach's new tactics requiring time for adaptation. On the other hand, Wales, despite losing Bale, is finding new leaders in Ramsey and Moore. In the end, the match between Wales and Poland promises to be tense and closely contested. Both teams are likely to showcase their strength, and the result may be decided in extra time or even a penalty shootout.

In this context, Poland probably has a slight advantage, especially considering Wojciech Szczęsny's experience in goal and Lewandowski's motivation. However, considering the unpredictability of football, Wales might win in a hard-fought battle.

Path B

In this case, Ukraine appears to be a much stronger team compared to the others. Despite Iceland's hopes for success, their current form may not match the times under Lars Lagerbäck and Heimir Hallgrímsson.

Some key players might have lost their previous form, affecting overall gameplay. Bosnia has talent, but their prime was in 2014 during the World Cup qualifiers. Since then, they have struggled to reach the same competitiveness, and their current form raises doubts. Israel, despite occasional brilliant performances, often shows inconsistency.

In this context, Ukraine looks like the leader in Path B. Their strong and consistent play makes them favorites, and although the other teams are not without strength, Ukraine is likely to overcome all difficulties and emerge as the winner.

Path C

Recently, many experts may be overestimating Georgia. While their potential cannot be denied, the team essentially relies on one star player. Despite recent talks about Kvarkvare Kvaratskhelia making him the center of attention, the team's success requires collective effort. He is undoubtedly talented, but one player cannot win such games.

Luxembourg and Kazakhstan have also shown impressive results recently, making this group even more unpredictable. Greece may face a challenge, and although Luxembourg could pose a serious threat, Greece is likely to ultimately emerge as the winner. The match might be tough, and Luxembourg could create many problems, but in terms of team level, the Greeks seem the more obvious favorite.