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A pergola is generally a frame that is usually made up of wood. It has four posts with a roof. The roofs are open but give a little bit of shade. It is a very good garden feature. It can be a perfect and comfortable passage and a place to sit and spend time even during the summers. There will be a balance of sunlight and shade. There are many ideas of the pergola covers and waterproof sun shade sail. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Retractable pergola roof: It is a perfect option if you want sunlight to come in. There will be gaps in between due to which the sunlight will not be blocked. It is a permanent structure as compared to the non-retractable pergola roof because whenever you want you can remove the fabric and allow sunlight to come and whenever you want you can attach the fabric to block the sunlight. Therefore, a retractable pergola roof is a very lavish option for making a pergola fascinating. 

2. Greenery: Plants can also be added to the pergola roofs like green creepers or flowering vines. It will help in transforming the pergola into a landscape. There will be a cool atmosphere because of the plants which will also help you to get more fresh oxygen as plants inhale the carbon dioxide and exhale the oxygen. Also, there will be fragrance all around due to which one will feel very good and relaxed.

3. Solar panel roof: The solar panels can also be used for making the pergola roofs. It is also environmentally friendly. It will provide two benefits at the same time. Firstly, the shade will be there and secondly, it will affect your electricity. It is clean and renewable energy as it does not cause pollution. Also, it does not require any kind of maintenance. The electricity bill will be reduced because of the use of solar energy. Therefore, a solar pergola roof will be the best option to consider. 

4. Fabric roof: The fabric that should be considered to make a pergola roof should be strong so that it does not break and tear easily. The fabric or canvas is more interesting to use to make the pergola roof. Different types of fabrics can be used. Even the strips of different canvases and fabrics can be used to make the designs and the patterns on the pergola roofs. The pergola top cover will be a perfect option to get protection from the UV rays of the sun as well as the rainfall. Therefore, fabric is good for making different styles according to interests and preferences. 

5. Curtains: Curtains are a very good option to add on the pergola roofs if you want more privacy which is less in only roofs comparatively. One can read books, have food, take a nap, spend time with friends and family, etc. All this can be done calmly and privately with the help of curtains. Also, you can get more shed by adding curtains to your pergola roof. 

6. Non-retractable pergola roof: Pergola provides shade up to some extent but getting a non-retractable pergola roof will help to get a proper shed. It will protect from sunlight, winds, rainfall, etc. It will be perfect to get protection in every season. Getting a waterproof pergola roof is a very creative idea. It is very much suitable for those who live in areas where there is constant rainfall. Different types of columns and beams can also be added to give it a modern look. 

7. Bamboo: The addition of bamboo to the pergola roofs is a very good alternative if you love plants and nature but cannot keep plants. Bamboo will provide you with a very natural and dusty look without keeping any plants. You will get a warm light from the gap of each bamboo stick. You can match your furniture also with bamboo like using the brown color for the table and also the pillows and cushions. It will become a perfect place for morning tea, evening snacks or dinner. 

8. Aesthetic: Just go beyond the flat roof and look for the aesthetics. The plan for the modern looks like going for a cone-shaped roof on the beams. It will be creating a perfect restaurant vibe. Also, add a fire pit in the center and just enjoy the surroundings. Doing a barbeque with the brown furniture and aesthetics around will be very chilling and create beautiful memories with your loved ones. 

9. Personalized: One can go for the customized and personalized option for the pergola roof designs like there can be a mix and match of some three or four ideas. There can be a bamboo roof along with waterproof fabric and curtains on the sides. There are many ways to add luxury to your house and make it look fantastic. According to your way and needs and preferences, one can design their pergola roof covers. 

As mentioned above, there are many pergola roof cover designs. Along with them, some other includes static paneling which means the use of transparent plastic and many other classic designs. With a pergola, you can enjoy both ways indoors as well as outdoors.