Imagine a situation where you have several thousand emails inside your MS Outlook account organized in different folders. You know you can transfer letters from Gmail to Outlook with IMAP or POP3, but is it possible to transfer them back? Is there a way to archive all email messages from Outlook (including folders) to transfer them to your Gmail account? Let’s figure this out.

Two Ways to Transfer Your Files

There may be many possible reasons why you need to transfer your files. In most cases, it can be useful for a secure backup of files (the user will get access to archive letters from any PC or even a mobile device). Anyway, you have two possible options to transfer your files: a manual or automatic way by using TotalOutlookConverter or another file converter. Let’s analyze how they can be applied.

1) Manual Way

It’s quite simple to move all Outlook correspondence to your Gmail inbox. To make your correspondence accessible, you need to take some basic steps:

  • Activate IMAP in your Gmail account and then configure Outlook to sync with your Gmail via IMAP.
  • Import PST files into a new folder with a name other than the default Gmail (Inbox) folder. To perform such an import, select File — Import and Export — Import from Another Program or File — Personal Folders File (PST) — Next. Click on the PST file with your correspondence, then choose the folders you need to transfer and click to confirm.
  • Choose the folders you want to back up online and copy them to your Outlook folder on Gmail. You can repeat the steps required for other folders.


That's all. Your Outlook correspondence will soon be available in your Gmail account.

Please note: It can take a long time to transfer emails to Gmail if you have a very large PST file and your Internet connection speed is slow. So, you should consider this and delete unnecessary emails before moving your mail through IMAP.

2) Automatic Way

If you want to greatly simplify your life and you are not sure that your files will be safely transferred by following the above instructions, you can use specialized software. There is no need to search for the file locations and spend your time on the experiments with your mailing clients. Such tools as comprehensive file converters will easily find the relevant file on your PC and save emails as any type of file you need. Meanwhile, all the attachments and pictures in the emails will be transferred in the initial form. All this makes an automatic method more convenient, fast, and secure.

In Conclusion

Now you have at least two options on how to make your Outlook emails accessible in your Gmail account. Choose the method appropriate for you and enjoy the result!