Everyone has a vice, but smoking is one that can cause serious harm to your health. While this is no secret, there are still many smokers who are struggling to quit the habit even though they want to. Nicotine is incredibly addictive, so it’s no easy feat to overcome it and finally stub out your last ever cigarette, but it can be done. If you’re a smoker who is ready to call it quits but are worried about whether or not you can achieve this goal, here are some useful tips to help you on your journey and succeed in becoming a non-smoker.

Get Support

No matter if you’re going cold turkey or slowly cutting down, you will struggle to do this on your own. Anyone making a lifestyle change, whether it be trying to lose weight or quitting smoking is going to need some support. Ask your friends and relatives to help keep you on track, and if there are other smokers in your life ask them to respect that you’re trying to quit and to not tempt you by offering you one or smoking around you. You can also reach out to specialist support programs that your doctor can give you more information about.

Try e-Cigarettes or Vaporizers

Although there is a debate on how vaporizers and e-Cigarettes can affect your health, they have still helped many smokers break the habit. By replacing tobacco with these products, it can help you make a transition from smoking normal cigarettes to eventually not needing anything at all. They satisfy the habit of inhaling and holding something between your fingers but aren’t producing the same toxic smoke as regular cigarettes do. You can find out more about vaporizers from reading direct vapor reviews and deciding whether this might work for you.

Use the 15-minute Rule

The hardest part of quitting smoking is resisting the intense cravings that come on. If you’re having a bad day or doing an activity where you would usually have a cigarette, like drinking a beer or talking to a friend, this is when the cravings will be at their strongest. However, cravings only last for around 15-minutes, and while that might seem like a long time, if you can get through it without having a cigarette and occupying yourself with something else, you’ll find that your craving fades away. 

Occupy Your Hands

You might chew gum to stave off cravings, but another thing many smokers that are trying to quit struggle with, is what to do with their hands. This is another reason why many people have turned to e-cigarettes and vaporizers, but if you’re not interested in using them you will need to find other ways to occupy your hands. Consider doodling on a piece of paper as you wait for your craving to pass, or get a stress ball to squeeze.

Be Patient

Quitting smoking successfully isn’t something that happens overnight, and you might find that you fall off the wagon on occasion. That’s OK – most smokers don’t manage to quit on their first try. This is why it’s important to be patient and kind to yourself during this time. You can do it and it will get easier, just wait for it. 

If you’re a smoker that wants to give it up and have a healthier lifestyle, consider these tips, and see how they can help.