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Different people believe whatever they choose to believe. Most times, our beliefs come from experiences or things we hear or see. Other times, it turns out that people believe in some things because someone they love and trust told them so.

Superstitious beliefs are not far-fetched when it comes to gambling. Only a few believe in their skills and ability to play the game. Some believe in their skills and luck, while others trust supernatural influences and luck to help them win games.

While it cannot yet be disproven, superstitious beliefs have certainly brought home some glory for those who believe them. It could sound ridiculous to those who do not care much about superstitious beliefs. But the little things like the first meal of the day could mean a lot to a gambler on a game day. Some other gamblers consider the shirt they wear, gadgets on them, and the place they gamble as a significant contribution to their gaming results. 

As technology advances, the factor of location may matter less because many gamblers now play games online. Many top smartphone casinos 2021 have intuitive gaming platforms and games accessible to players in any location. However, superstitious gamblers still employ their ritual, whether online or otherwise.

Top Gambling Superstition Gamblers Believe Brings Good Luck

Over time, some superstitious beliefs have stood out to bring good or bad luck to the game. Here are the top 5 superstitions you should know of;

  • Good luck charms

Some gamblers have rituals they perform before and during the games to which they have attributed their winnings. Kissing the dice or blowing on the dice before playing is a good luck charm for some gamblers. Others wear lucky pants or underwear on game day while chanting a mantra in waiting for the dice or slot machine to stop rolling. At times, gamblers go to casinos with unique jewellery they consider lucky, which they keep on them while playing. 

  • Counting your money at the table

Never count your money while the game is still on is a popular gambling superstition among card players. Although it is difficult to figure why counting your money while the game is on will bring bad luck.  Avoid counting your money at the table if you believe in gambling superstitions. Besides, many people see it as a bad casino etiquette.  As long as you want to keep winning, leave counting until after the game is done. 

  • Lucky Numbers

Gamblers believe some numbers are lucky while some are not. This thinking is very subjective. And it is probably because they have randomly selected the number and have won a lot of money once or twice. The number 7 is thought the luckiest number. Other gamblers have a combination of two or more lucky numbers.

  • Red is the Colour

Red is the colour of good luck. The Chinese believe that wearing red brings good fortune. This should be quite easy for a gambler to do. In fact, to avoid your opponent from perceiving your optimism, you can wear your red colour where it is well concealed. Like red underwear, it is well hidden, and you can enjoy your luck and win a jackpot.

  • Crossing your legs

One of the oddest gambling superstitions is avoiding crossing legs while sitting at the table. It is believed that crossing your legs can bring bad luck to a gambler. So, whenever a player is at the table, it is advisable to avoid crossing legs to avoid losing money.

Some gamblers believe in superstitions as what makes their luck shine in every game they play. Even when they do not win, they still believe that winning is imminent as they carry out their rituals. So many other gamblers practice these rituals because they have come to accept them as the dos and don'ts. Nevertheless, some gamblers do not pay attention to any of these superstitions. They believe in their skills and their ability to play the game.