Are you looking for Power BI interview questions and answers? Then you are at the right spot. As per the industry measurements, the Power BI advertising is projected to hit more than $5 billion by 2020 from just $180 million. So you have a chance to advance your vocation in Power BI development despite all.

Microsoft developed Power BI in 2013 as a Business Intelligence tool. It integrates many Excel add-ons to construct a new and autonomous BI tool. The Power BI interview questions in this article are intended to train you for job positions associated with Power BI in big companies with a great package. Practice these critical Power BI interview questions and ready yourself for the job interview:

Before we delve into the interview questions, let's know brief words on Power BI. Power BI is a solution developed by Microsoft that allows you to visualize your data and distribute it within your organization or integrate it into your websites or applications. Power BI has played a vital role in Microsoft's development. With Power BI, users can generate reports and dashboards without the need for information technology personnel. It owns a market share of about 11.84%. It is used by major companies such as Mortenson, Organogenesis Inc. Microsoft Power BI is used predominantly in the retail, manufacturing, finance, and transport sectors.

Top Power BI Interview Questions with Answers

  1. What is BI?

Ans: Business intelligence (BI) is a technological approach. It allows you to analyze data and provide actionable skills to help managers, business managers, and other users make successful decision-making.

  1. What is a Power BI?

Ans: Power BI is an environment for cloud-based data sharing. You can share experiences with your peers after developing reports using Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View. It is how Power BI enters into the equation. Power BI, an aspect of SharePoint online functionally, allows you to import Excel workbooks in the cloud and share them with a selected group of colleagues. Not just, your colleagues can also use filters and slicers to communicate with your reports to highlight data. They are augmented by Power BI, which is an easy way to share your Microsoft cloud research and insights. 

  1. What are the parts of a Microsoft self-service BI Solution?

Ans: For Self-Service BI, Microsoft has two parts  

  • Excel BI Toolkit enables users to build an interactive report by importing data from various sources and modeling data according to reporting criteria. 
  • Power BI: The online solution for sharing interactive reports and queries generated with Excel BI Toolkit.
  1. Tell the key features of Power BI?


  • Share with your colleagues all presentations and inquiries. 
  • Users can update their Excel files from on-site or cloud data sources. 
  • Show the output on various devices. It involves PCs, tablets, and mobile HTML 5-enabled devices using the Power BI program. 
  • Search the data with natural language (or Q&A, as it is known).
  1. What is a Power BI Desktop?

Ans: Power BI Desktop is a Windows desktop program designed primarily for the design, development, and release of cloud reports for personal computers. Power BI Desktop can run on computers and operate even though it is not connected to the Internet. This Power BI Desktop is used as an on-premise version of Power BI. If users want to publish their accounts in the cloud or interact with their colleagues, they should connect to the Internet. Power BI Desktop is the first application in which users jump into when they board on Power BI.

  1. What are the content packs?

Ans: It consists of the array of relevant documents and files contained in a set.

  1. What is Visualization?

Ans: Visualization is a visual picture of a dataset that collects data from business-oriented data.

  1. What are the Different types of filters?

Ans: Filters are commonly categorized into three types according to their levels as follows 

  • Visual level Filters: These filters only operate on individual visualization, which decreases the amount of detail that can be seen in the visualization. Also, both the data and the calculations can be filtered by visual level filters. 
  • Page-level Filters: These filters run at the report level. In the same report, different pages can have other page-level filters. 
  • Report-level Filters: Filters are used in the entire report, all pages are filtered, and the information includes visualizations.
  1. What are the features of DAX?

Ans: DAX is a library of functions and operators which can be used in formulas to determine one or more values, and it's all about generating new knowledge from the data in your model.

  1. What is the general business need for Power BI? 

Ans: You can quickly collect the details and produce robust reports. It helps draw new customers to represent and track current customers. You can also follow information, and you can set targets. The full construction of extraction, transformation, and loading solution would also eventually help management decisions. Power BI also generates an excellent return on investment. Finally, it turns some of the unwanted data into information that can be used gradually.

  1. Why use a selection pane in Power BI? 

Ans: The Selection Pane allows you to control the visuals that are to be shown and should not be displayed. It enables several visual pages to be merged within the community and is also used for bookmarking.

  1. What is Power BI embedded? 

Ans: PowerBI embedded is an Azure-based cloud service that allows the development and integration of PowerBI reports by web developers. Without the need to write code, users/developers may build their reports mostly on the PowerBI desktop. The PowerBI desktop report can then be published and consumed by end-users to a PowerBI-embedded workspace.


The questions are for medium- to very advanced power BI professionals, but you should understand the answers and explanations we offer, even if you are only beginners or freshers. These are some of the most potent BI interview questions associated with the Power BI certification to help you stand out in the interviews.