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Previously, marketing was a one-way communication network, where brands used to promote without knowing who is watching the commercial. Since the rise of the internet, particularly social media, customer behavior is changing drastically. In today’s world, customers have a lot of power in their hands, and their expectations are skyrocketing. 

Customers want a healthy relationship with brands that goes beyond the use-value of the brand’s products. Thus, it is time for marketers to embrace a different approach by leveraging technology and boosting engagement with customers. The goal is to involve customers in a deeper and more sustained relationship with the brand to establish customer loyalty. 

If you think talking to your customers about your product offerings is engagement – you are wrong. The objective of engagement marketing is to help customers with their queries and questions. However, marketers are juggling between various campaigns, leaving no time for engaging with customers. Honestly, with a little effort and time, you can make it possible. To make it easier for you, here are seven time-saving tips for engaging with customers. 


1. Create eBooks 


Content is the king – it can make or break your marketing strategy even in 2020. Therefore, companies are looking for versatile ways to engage and target audiences. Surprisingly, creating eBooks can help you connect with the right audience while building valuable relationships. People notice you are devoted to providing useful information, which means they will turn to you if they need assistance. 

Indeed, eBooks require time since a lot of research and effort goes into coming up with a topic, picking a theme, and creating content. By leveraging technology and the software, you can create an eBook in two minutes. These days, innovative software is making everything possible; once you pitch in the topic, it will collect content from different sites, making your eBook ready for publishing. With eBooks becoming super accessible, don’t mind using it as a tool to engage with customers. 


2. Build Communities 


Engaging with customers is a two-way communication process. Thus, you have to allow your customers to express themselves with others. You have to focus on bringing customers together on one forum through social-sharing communities. It is an incredible tool to get insight into different opinions and exciting trends while engaging with customers. 

If you are wondering how? Take inspiration from leading brands – Nike came up with a campaign ‘bring out the athlete in you’ to focus on personalized customer service. Although they were promoting sneakers, but took a different approach by promoting the message of fitness. You can follow the same path, build a community around the nature of your business, and engage with customers. 


3. Email Content Curation 


Don’t make the mistake of skimping on email marketing since it is a fantastic tool for directly engaging with customers. Marketers have to spend hours composing and scheduling emails to accommodate different segments of the market. Fortunately, artificial intelligence can come to your rescue and save you all the extra effort. 

Algorithms have the power to record subscriber’s browsing data while taking a dig at website experience to understand how viewers perceive your content. It identifies previous read blogs, interactions with the website, trending blogs, and total time spent. This information allows algorithms to design personalized content as per the interests of customers. The cool thing is that all of this takes a few minutes, and your email campaign is good to go!


4. Develop Entertaining Quizzes


Have you come across fun quizzes online? Many businesses are using questionnaires to engage with their customers. You have to create a quiz that aligns with the nature of your business. If you have a food chain, you can design a questionnaire ‘which burger are you’ or ‘which food suits your personality.’ All these captivating topics draw attention, and people actively participate in learning about themselves while engaging with your brand. Such entertaining content is very healthy for your business. Besides, these quizzes are quick, simple, and give you instant results. 


5. Use Intelligent Chatbots 


Believe it or not, customer service plays a crucial role in boosting engagement with the customers. These days, people have become very impatient since they want immediate responses to everything. Remember, failure to respond timely might cost you a few customers. So, how about you give a shot to chatbots? They have access to customer-centered data points, allowing you to create appropriate strategies. 

Moreover, they have the knack of creating personalized content, significantly improving engagement. Likewise, these chatbots are not moody, closing doors for potential customer complaints. Alongside being more knowledgeable than customer service representatives, these bots save a lot of time too. Thus, you can utilize your employees for more productive and technical skills. 


6. Benefit from Customer-Driven Insights 


Understanding behavioral patterns of customers is no easy feat but crucial to engaging with customers. Artificial intelligence is changing the game for businesses. Humans can take days to analyze data and understand patterns, while AI can do it in the blink of an eye. It develops customer segments using machine learning, while algorithms use data points to understand customer persona. Thus, you can devise strategies based on how users previously interacted with your website. Similarly, it allows you to develop engaging campaigns rather than making it look like a sales pitch. 


7. Pre-Schedule Your Posts & Interact 


Over the past years, social media forums have emerged with new tools and time-saving techniques. Therefore, you no longer have to spend time posting every day since you can present your monthly updates in the beginning and save time. Anyhow, you have to ensure you are producing engaging and quality posts that keep the people hooked to your page. 

Keep a vigilant eye on your social accounts to timely respond and interact with customers. At times, customers might repeatedly ask you the same thing, but you have to flaunt professionalism and respond to them with dignity. The way you deal and interact with your customers reflects your brand image, so don’t leave room for mistakes. 

Wrapping Up

Marketing works best when customers feel they have a genuine relationship with a brand. It becomes possible when you actively engage with the audience, not through a single transaction but an ongoing conversation. Don’t expect customers to tune in when there is a product launch; instead, you have to ensure constant presence throughout. If you think it is time-consuming, have a look for seven time-saving tips to engage with customers.