Most of us have known the stress and irritation of faulty or substandard appliances. In a world of technology working electrical wiring is a necessity and it is near-impossible to function without it. 

This applies to all aspects of life, at home or at work. Whether you need it at home or for your business, finding a good electrician is a valuable investment. 

But there are a lot of aspects to consider when looking for an electrician. It is a competitive and lucrative field. As a consequence, there are some contractors out there who are more eager for your dollars than they are to do a good job. 

Qualifications and Certificates

One way to guarantee you get the best work on the market is to look out for proper accreditations. A well-qualified and certified electrician will be only too keen to display their credentials proudly on their marketing materials. If you don't see any displayed be very wary and if you really are considering them ask to see their ESCO certificate or other officially recognized electrical qualifications.

Failing to look for qualifications or certificates can have very serious consequences. Electrical wiring often falls under health and safety regulations and you might risk voiding insurance if you have contracted someone underqualified. 


As with all businesses, electrical contractors rely on a good reputation to get their clients. The best will stake their reputation by offering guarantees of good service and be able to back this up with testimonials or great reviews. 

Not all electricians will have had time to build an online presence, however, especially if they are a small, local business or if they are new to the industry. In this instance, if you like the look of what they're offering, don't be afraid to ask for potential references from previous and recent customers. They are asking for a job with and the same rules apply as with any other form of recruitment! 


Even the very best electricians are keen to make a sale. But regardless of how hard they push to be sure to wait until you are fully comfortable with their offer before accepting their services. Make sure they are open and clear about what they can achieve and give realistic outlines of how they will carry out their work.

The first communication one has with an electrical contractor is usually a quote. A good electrician will ask for as much detail as possible from you before offering a quote so they can make sure they are giving you the most competitive rate without any hidden costs. Ask them as many questions as you can about how long the job will take, how much experience they have had with your particular issue and what they provide in terms of aftercare.

This last point is especially important as a lot of circuits go through a huge amount of use. If they have provided a guarantee, ask them if there is an option to extend the guarantee, or if there are discounts available for returning customers.

If you are requesting their services for business, as them if they provide maintenance contracts as well. This will come in especially useful later on if they are installing the system as they may use techniques or parts that other contractors do not.