Something we often forget in America is that there is a lot in common among all of us. I only tend to remember this when speaking to friends I made overseas. When we talk about how different ethnic groups are from each other, they tell me that we’re all Americans! Most often, they're referring to the fact that we tend to follow similar fashion trends and pop culture.

While there is something appealing about thinking of all Americans in the same way, it can also be confining. This is especially true when it comes to fashion. Anyone can rock the sort of clothing sold en masse in American and European stores. However, I find that when we bring our culture into our dress, we make a bold statement about who we are and what we love about ourselves.

I’ve made it a habit to keep up with fashion trends that embrace Native American culture (as long as they are coming from indigenous creators of course). If you're wondering about the latest in Native American fashion trends, check out the following.

Indigenous Streetwear

Streetwear is not something we usually associate with Native American culture. But Indigenous fashion designers have recently made a point to design streetwear lines that embrace our traditions. This includes the use of traditional designs and materials. However, for many designers it goes further.

On their garments, they include names, logos, and slogans that bring awareness to Native American issues. As it sometimes feels like much of America wants to forget our heritage, it feels great to wear it on our sleeves – literally. 

Native Visions Eyewear

Glasses provide an outlet for one of the biggest fashion statements a person can make. After all, they sit on your face! Many famous people are known by the glasses they wear – Joe Biden wears Aviators, for example.

They therefore provide the perfect canvas for Native American design. Native Visions Eyewear is a Native American owned company that designs eyewear based on traditional patterns, as well as themes that hold a place in the modern Indigenous zeitgeist.

If you don’t need glasses, you can still make a statement with a great pair of sunglasses. You can get a pair inspired by Indigenous themes. Alternatively, you can see how to choose between famous brands from around the world.


Naturally, the fashion “trend” that has had its part in modern Native American culture for the longest time is a fusion between traditional Native clothing and modern American fashion. This fashion came about because of the dual world we live in, considering the pull between the cultures many of us experience growing up. 

However, there are some excellent designers who have managed to bring the two together, based on that fusion, using the contrasts to create something altogether new and exciting. Of course, you don't have to be a designer to pair different items or even to sew a traditional pattern onto a garment.


Keeping up with Native American fashion trends is a great way of staying in touch with where the zeitgeist is taking us. There are so many ideas to play with as someone excited by fashion and culture.