As much as we all love being places, the act of going places can often be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and boring. Rarely is this as pronounced as it is with air travel, where spending long delays waiting around is an inevitable part of the experience. Having gone through this ourselves recently, we thought it would be interesting to see how video games might address this issue. They might not be able to make you much more physically comfortable but, as the adage goes, time flies when you're having fun.

Things to Keep in Mind 

Firstly, if you're going to be waiting around a lot, you need to remember that a little physical activity now and then is paramount. As we have noted before, basic exercise isn't just great for physical health, it can also pay off massively in terms of stress reduction. You don't need to be running sprints, but just a few basic stretches and a little walking around is a great gaming companion.

Moving into gaming, what we’re first going to look at are the mitigating factors. You obviously can’t bring your console with you to play at the terminal, and you’re also not going to be able to fit a PC into your carry-on. As a baseline, this means players will have to choose from handheld devices, laptops, or mobile phones. Each of these come with their own challenges.

Handheld devices like the Nintendo Switch or 3DS are undeniably great for single-player games, but they can have issues when connecting to airport Wi-Fi. While not always the case, the security measures of airports can be a stopping point here, so understand this going in.

Laptops, while also great, can have problems with space and latency. You need a lot of room to play most online laptop games, especially those with a mouse, which might not be available. The somewhat limited connection speeds in airport Wi-Fi can also make some faster-paced games untenable, though slower turn-based titles can work fine.

Mobile phones are the standout, finding the perfect fit between portability and range of titles. It’s also usually quite easy to find charging points for mobiles in airports, so draining the battery before you get in the air shouldn’t be a concern.

The Best Games 

Starting with mobiles, we have to come to terms with latency issues. Chances are that first or third-person shooters like PUBG or COD: Mobile are going to be non-starters, so instead, it can be best to turn to games which rely less on millisecond-level precision.

This means that classic games like chess and checkers are solid choices, where it’s not so much about how quickly you make a move but how well-considered your move is. Basically, any board-game translation will be a good choice, so long as it’s not something like Risk which could drag on so long that you could never finish before your flight comes up.

Another popular choice along these lines could be found in online casino games. Here, classics like slots or blackjack can be played just as long as the user wants, where dropping out is no problem. However, navigating through the world of online casino can be tough, especially for people who aren't knowledgeable in this area, so sites such as https://www.asiabet.org/ provide individuals with the information they need to find the site that is suitable for them. These services often offer signup specials among other things to attract new customers, so an unbiased review is key in giving the power to the consumer.

Other great choices, and ones which can extend to laptops, can be online character-based RPG and strategy games. Titles like Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle have strong online components, but again don’t rely heavily on concerns of bandwidth or latency. These also can drop in and out while saving at any time, so unexpected announcements on your flight shouldn't be a concern.

As potentially unsatisfying as this answer might be, the best way to find which games work best to pass the time at airports can come down to trial and error. Different airports work differently, and some games within the hustle and bustle of an airport might not be as playable as they are at home. Plan ahead, take a few devices with you to experiment, and you should be set to go. Who knows, you might even end up in a situation where long waits and flight delays become something you look forward to.