With the increasing drive for the mobile revolution, payments and transactions have become a click away. 

Who would ever imagine back in the 90's, that there would be an end to the long waiting queues? And there would be a denouement to the tiring fuzz and buzz at these waiting stations? 

From paying for a sumptuous meal to expending for poker online. You hold the keys to a concise and leisurely world in the palm of your hand.


Out with the Old

As people use the world-wide web for their daily needs, the once majestic dollar paper has been thrown to trash. 

Writing a cheque leaf in the modern era would draw parallels to the use of telegram in this century. 

PayPal and credit cards have side-lined the existing currencies to mere numbers on a digital screen and nothing material.

As we all know, technology never takes a standstill. Add cryptocurrency and e-wallet to your list, and the paraphernalia is complete. Banks would have to roll into digital means or be left behind.

The Fintech (Financial technology sector) always had forefronted movements in this sector of innovation and technology. In the formative years, online payment included only online shopping. 

But as the online businesses and industries stemmed out, the entertainment industry and others also started putting in their lot. 

Netflix and other streaming services transitioned to invincible heights, and now what, you never see a man without a smartphone.

The Glamorous Cryptocurrency

Have you heard of this fancy word before? For those unaware, it implies merely a virtual currency. The currency exists in an e-wallet where you have the liberty of paying and receiving transactions anonymously for services world-wide.

Cryptocurrency is not owned by a sole entity but by a growing and secure group of records called the Blockchain. 

Many types of cryptocurrencies exist, including bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum, and so on.

You can avoid the hassle of foreign currency exchange fees with the aid of cryptocurrency. The purchase of non-traditional goods and services is at ease because of the utilization of cryptocurrency. 

An arena where cryptocurrency has been crowned supreme is the online gambling industry.

Online gamblers found their solace in cryptocurrency as it is not considered as real money. 

The usage of crypto proliferated this industry as it did not violate any regulations in countries that banned online gambling.

Therefore, online casino software and the escalating cryptocurrency market jibed into a smooth and lucrative synergy.

A Novel Synergy

While brick-and-mortar casinos grappled with the advent of cryptocurrencies, online casinos were swift to embrace this phenomenal event. 

The cryptocurrency was the sole catholicon in resolving many issues exclusive to online gambling. An article, written by Mike, clarifies on the subject and you might want to look it up!

The advent of cryptocurrency not only furnished a loophole for players involved in online gambling. But it also curbed the power the banking industry had on consumers spending power.

Bitcoin luxuriates the stature of being the most popular cryptocurrency in the online gambling world. 

The distinctive tag of crypto-casinos conferred on the casinos the right to operate entirely employing bitcoins.

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Gambling on the Go

The advent of online gambling and cryptocurrencies soon paved the way for the smartphone industry to accompany them. 

This has resulted in all online casinos showering their players the choice of playing online for virtual or real money.

A gambling aficionado is presented with gambling on the go with the free download of casino gaming apps. 

In countries like the UK, customers can play online casinos and pay using their mobile phone bill.

This process only requires entering the user's mobile phone number for the transaction and not any sensitive data. This method is known as direct carrier billing (DCB).

Boku Bucks

If you do not wish to download a casino app, you can now play online with direct carrier billing. These transactions are ushered by a third party and not your phone companies.

A similar player in the mobile payment sector is Boku. This technology permits your mobile phone to transcend into both the digital address and payment method concurrently.

These options of smooth payment systems ensure a promising present and future for smartphones. There are direct apps made available for DCB, like Zimpler and PayForIt.

The marketing potential is yet another fascinating aspect of this interface. The consumer is accorded the option of pampering oneself with effortless and direct access to secure payment options.

With the spiralling of DCB apps, the growth in the database of users is also enabled. The users also represent a colossal marketing capability for endless goods and services. 


Users are also bestowed with incentives to venture into new services with the aid of special offers and bonuses.