Students choose commerce to pursue in the field of Charteretered accountancy or any financial field. This is indeed an interesting career option among many students. However, scoring high in class 12 Accountancy is not easy but at the same time not a difficult task for the students who can put their efforts with full focus and dedication. Class 12 Accountancy has the challenging step of the preparation. The subject of the course mainly comprises of Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics. 

Syllabus of class 12 Accountancy.

The class 12 Accountancy consists of Part A and Part B and also has Computer Accounting and the topics are quite huge and have to be planned in an accurate way to score high in the exam.

A Perfect study plan to score more than 95.

Understand the syllabus and the contents.

Students often do the mistake of starting with the chapters without even knowing the full syllabus and the topics to be studied. This way is not right as it creates confusion and you will not even know your progress. So the first step is to analyze the syllabus, topics and also know your strengths and weaknesses. You will be of course good at certain topics and some may need more time and effort. So prioritize the chapters accordingly.

Study plan

Once you have prioritized the syllabus, make a timetable for each day. Specify the chapters and the topics which need to be completed. Make sure you follow the same without any postponement. A day’s pending means accumulation of work for the next day. This will not help you nor you can have proper learning. So you should follow your timetable strictly. Once you are systematic and organized the success will surely follow.

Don’t miss out on any topics. Focus on topics like company accounts, cash flow statements, and illustrations for ratio analysis as this has more weightage and can be scored easily.

Reference Book

Don’t refer to too many books and confuse yourself. Refer to a good reference book along with the textbook. If you are thorough with these it’s enough for perfect preparation.  You can refer to DK Goel Solutions Class 12 Accountancy for easy and systematic preparation.

Practice regularly.

This is a subject that needs lots of practice to be flawless and confident. Allot enough time to solve the questions. Clear your doubts immediately if you have any. 

Focus on theory.

The theoretical portions are quite challenging. Learn and also practice writing them which will give a thorough practice to score high. Memorizing without writing will not help you as you might forget soon. Practice writing while learning.

Concepts and the formats of the Balance sheet, Trial Balance, and also the ledger Accounts of the Journals and the correct format of the presentation should be learned accurately.  Practicing more of the same will help you enhance speed and accuracy.

Learn formulae the right way

Class 12 Accountancy has lots of formulas that have to be learned perfectly. It is not easy to learn in a single day. The best method is to write all the formulas on a sheet and read them daily. In no time all of them will be at your fingertips. Memorizing the formulas is important but you also should know how it has been derived.

Prepare working notes.

Prepare the notes for each chapter while you study. Highlight the important points so it gives a  smooth revision.

Understanding the Definitions.

Understand the definitions with logical concepts and reasoning. When you understand and learn it always has a proper impact on your mind and stays for a long time.


Practicing is the best method to overcome the mistakes while doing the calculations. So make sure the practice has to be done every day. 

Pay attention to formats.

Students to be attentive and focus making formats for journals, Ledgers, and the Balance sheets. This has to be practiced thoroughly to develop the speed in drawing the formats so that you can complete the answer sheet before time during the exam.

Recording and Posting the entries.

Students should keep in mind to post all the entries in the respective accounts while preparing the Ledger Accounts so there is no possibility of missing any element in the account.

Regular Revision.

Regular revision is very important to get good marks. As you study further it is very important to revise so you will not forget what you have studied earlier. This way you need not spend more time with the books during the exam. You can just brush up on the notes and the important topics. Regular revision is the key to success in the exam.

Don’t keep any last-minute learning of the new topic. This will not be grasped and you might get confused. You can also make a timetable accordingly for the revision as well. This will make it more systematic.

Solving the previous years’ paper is very important. This will give a view of the exact pattern of the question paper. Solving the papers will help you with the time management skills which is very important. 

Mind thoughts.

Your thinking and thoughts makes difference in the progress of the preparation. The mind will catch what you think always. If you aim to score high then think only about your goal and nothing else. Your efforts and hard work will surely be successful. Even you are working hard and thoughts are negative then the impact will be negative. So make sure that your thinking and mindset are focused on the goal. So stay positive and think positive.

General tips to score well.

  1. Make a proper timetable.
  2. Follow the timetable strictly.
  3. Revise every day.
  4. Make proper notes.
  5. Avoid silly mistakes in the calculations.
  6. Solve the previous years’ papers.
  7. Learn the formats and the formula correctly.
  8. Be positive.
  9. Practice regularly.