According to research, approximately 93 million Americans have searched online about a topic that is related to health. This figure is enough to understand the importance of online search engines like Google, Bing, or social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, in the healthcare industry. Today the patients have become very sophisticated and know the basics of maintaining a healthy life. Big thanks to the internet for making patients up to date with the modern age and health. 

This is one of the main reasons why people do not visit nearby hospitals; rather, they search online for the remedy. That is why hospitals should implement online marketing strategies to increase their reach.

This article lists six powerful strategies and explains the benefits of using them. If you are someone who is facing a backlash in the health care segment, then you must read till the end of the article.

Let us first understand the benefits of marketing strategies in the healthcare sector. Then we will list out six expert-suggested methods to help you grow your business stronger.

Benefits of healthcare marketing plans

In this global village, running a healthcare unit is quite tricky. Patients have more options and have a pool of information available on the internet. They consider staying away from hospitals as long as possible. 

Thus, one should have a goal-oriented marketing strategy plan according to their budget. A robust marketing plan helps to increase the ROI and the inflow of patients to your organization. 

Apart from this, other benefits are:

  • The new patient reaches through economic means. A regular inflow of patients is required to meet the growth plan for any healthcare units. A good marketing strategy can help a healthcare unit to achieve this economically. 
  • You follow the trends by default. As one knows, healthcare is an evolving industry. A sound marketing strategy will help you invest in the latest technologies like AI, Big Data, Machine learning, etc. It will help you utilize every resource that is available to you. 

Six Marketing Strategies for the Healthcare Units

1. Building trust among the patients 

An old and trusted way of doing marketing is by building trust among the patients. It can be achieved by focusing on providing quality services and improving the existing facilities. When people start trusting you, they remember you. And when they remember you, they come back for you. 

2. Invest in video marketing  

Video is the most preferred way in which people like to receive information around them. Stealing the attention of your customers is difficult with texts and images. Thus, video contents are more accessible and engaging as compared to simple ads. There are several video editing software available for free. 

These editors generally have predesigned promo video templates that can create multiple promotional videos in no time.

Thus, investing in video marketing is a very effective method to perk up your business reach. The best thing about video marketing is that it is affordable. 

3. Digital Marketing 

It is the latest trend in marketing. The prime role of any marketer is to deliver engaging communication to its target audience. In today’s world, the online industry has changed the way people think and make decisions. Now, Digital Marketing is a broad term and has enough potential to boost your business. Implementing digital marketing in your business model helps connect it with a broader audience.  

4. Marketing through the website 

A good website can help medical units attract new potential patients and facilitate the existing ones. Additionally, it also helps your brand make a presence on the internet. But just having a website will not serve the purpose. Some other points that one needs to keep in mind are the content of the site, the structure of the website, a good SEO optimization (which will help you get listed above your competitors), and a proper CRM (which will help you to manage your contacts and the responsiveness of the website).

5. Social Media Platforms 

Millions of people search through various online platforms for their medical needs. Therefore, online advertising is one of the most successful and fastest ways to reach millions of people worldwide. You can use various online tools like an Instagram video editor, Facebook leads, hashtag trends on Twitter, or LinkedIn to promote your health care unit.

6. Get feedback from the Patients 

It is an essential marketing strategy that improves the experience of your patients and lets them feel special. The healthcare units should motivate their existing patients to provide reviews and feedback about the services they have been experiencing with the healthcare units. One way to achieve this is to have an automated review system where a computer program or an app asks the patients to rate their services on a scale of 1 to 10.

Further, you can use these ratings on your website or ‘Google reviews’ to improve your reputation. 

A proper follow-up and feedback management are crucial for any organization to grow. Therefore, healthcare units should take the feedback seriously and address them as soon as possible. 


Apart from the marketing strategies mentioned above strategies, various other online marketing tools can be used by the healthcare units. It includes tools like pay-per-click advertising, display advertisement, Geo-targeted ads, and remarketing. 

One should always remember that there are six pillars of marketing for any healthcare units. They are:

  • Excellent patient care
  • Great HIPAA compliant website
  • Good online reputation
  • Social media engagement
  • Great SEO
  • HIPAA compliant communication.

The prime objective of applying these marketing strategies is to get more patient inflow and make money online by promoting and creating awareness about the brand.