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Everyone has gone through the use of coupons and vouchers in their life either for personal use or professionally. Like some festive coupons, your package vouchers or lucky draw coupons, etc. Did you observe how these are different from the other currencies?  Perhaps you can start buying and selling Bitcoin using btcrevolution.io trading platform.


The differentiation can be observed from different aspects such as their crypto nature i.e. As the form of crypto currency cannot be like any voucher or coupons. Their market value is different from any conventional money. Then what are they related to? This form of money is known as semi-fungible crypto tokens. Let's take a look at them. 

About Semi-Fungible Crypto Token


As we can understand from its name, semi-fungible crypto tokens have partial characteristics of both fungible and nonfungible crypto tokens. Semi-fungible tokens are the new set of tokens. And they act like both types of tokens throughout their tenure. Generally, when fungible tokens are tried to convert into non fungible tokens. This results in the formation of semi-fungible crypto tokens. Initially, semi-fungible tokens are fungible tokens. When it becomes possible to redeem one token, the face value of the same was lost. And the token becomes expired. Therefore, the expired token turns into the fungible crypto token.

Fungible Crypto Token and Non-Fungible Crypto Token

Cryptocurrency is divided into two categories: Fungible and Non-fungible tokens. Let's discuss comparison of both fungible and non-fungible tokens. 


Fungible crypto tokens


Talking about fungible crypto tokens, they are interchangeable currencies. Fungible means compatibility and these crypto tokens can be easily interchanged with other currencies. As most traders prefer to invest in fungible cryptocurrency so that at the time of need. They can interchange their tokens with any other tokens according to the situation and without any loss such as Ether or Bitcoin.

Non-fungible crypto tokens

It is not possible to replace the non-fungible crypto tokens with other ones. Non-Fungible crypto tokens have some special characteristics. The nonfungible tokens are the blockchain-based currency that is stored. The main features of nonfungible tokens are: 

  1. it is not possible to buy nonfungible crypto tokens in parts. Hence it is indivisible. 
  2. These tokens are not able to interchange with any other token hence these are called interchanged 
  3. As the NFTs cannot be generated or destroyed by human intervention.  Therefore, it is called Indestructible.
  4. Nonfungible crypto can be easily verified other than fungible crypto tokens. That's why they are known as Verifiable.

Benefits of Semi-Fungible assets:


Fungible asset

Whenever the EMI-fungible crypto token is used for sale or purchase from its authentic owner, it remains a Fungible token as it can be exchanged with any other token. Hence the actual face value of these tokens remains the same throughout their exchange period. It is possible to verify these semi–Fungible Tokens. This helps in verifying many attributes. The gaming industry prefers to use semi-Fungible crypto with a wide range. The weapons or other items can represent the game zone, tokens were saved as a reward and further, these tokens were traded from one player to another 


Scope of the semi-fungible crypto tokens 

There is no doubt the future of the crypto world will be more bright and more technical. Moreover, the semi-Fungible items will be more valued as compared to recent times. They will be far better in terms of modernization and digitalization. As the face value of semi-Fungible coupons is redeemed once after that it loses its value. Because of this feature, non-Fungible coupons are considered more trustable. Those platforms where Fungible and non-Fungible currency cannot be accessed. This is because these applications are passed through security measure and this make them the safest and secure.