3D printing is no longer a heavy and complicated industrial setup that can be used only for just a few specific tasks. The technology behind modern 3D printers has greatly evolved, increasing the spectrum of their applications. Today, cheaper desktop 3D printers are available in the market for a wider audience making them applicable for a variety of daily uses. 

The demand for 3D printers is increasing among doctors, scientists, architects, office professionals, finance specialists and the like. Moreover, 3D printer UK can be quite helpful in completing routine tasks, e.g., solving various household issues, relieving you from boring chores, or making them easier, to say the least. On that note, it’s worth mentioning that people nowadays look for the simplest and easiest ways to fulfill their needs and support a better lifestyle in our fast-paced world. 3D printers have come to contribute to this: due to them customers are able to get personalised items (from jewelry to clothing to tools) within hours or even minutes. 

Imagine how your life would change if the dull and tiring chores around your house or even in the office could be made easier. Isn’t that what we all want? 

And this doesn’t have to be about chores merely. Think of a situation where you have found time to enjoy reading your favourite book at your desk, and you can’t find a coaster to put your cup of tea or coffee on so as to freely turn the pages. Doesn’t that just ruin the whole experience? With a 3D printer at hand, you won’t have to think of going around shops to buy a coaster to complete your reading experience. It saves you time and money in more aspects of life than you think. 

What Other Applications Do 3D Printers Have in Routine Tasks? 

As you can see, 3D printers can play an important role in helping us complete lots of different tasks. Their applications go far beyond adding up your kids’ toy collection or your miniature collection. Let’s dive into this deeper and have a look at the wide range of practical uses of 3D printing in many different areas of our everyday life. 

  1. Household Uses of 3D Printers

We all have been in situations when we start working on a project only to find out that we lack the right tools to complete it. 3D printing can solve this issue. Even the most basic 3D printer can print such simple tools as wrenches. 

Home 3D printers also allow you to customise common household items according to your needs and preferences. You can do this even with the most mundane objects modifying them to your specifications at little to no additional costs. You would never find these items in stores that would fit all your expectations. The most common objects that you can print with a basic 3D printer are as follows:

  • Phone cases, 
  • Pencil holders, 
  • Key-chains, 
  • Casters for a wobbly chair or table legs,
  • Knobs for dresser drawers, 
  • Coasters,
  • Salad tongs as well as other kitchen utensils,
  • Bathroom items such as safety razors, racks, toothbrush cases, curtain hangers.

The above-listed examples prove how worthy of an investment a basic 3D printer can be for your household.

Note: As a resident of the UK, you should not forget about the damage that our humid air can have over your health, your house and your technology items, including 3D printers. It’s good to consider installing the best dehumidifier UK at your home in order to avoid mold, allergens, dust mites and bacteria and protect yourself and why not, your 3D printer, ensuring its longevity. 

  1. 3D Printer Applications for Students

If the pace of the development of 3D printing is consistent, we can expect the next generation to use this technology as we use computers nowadays, especially considering that they already have various useful applications for students. 

3D printers can help students in their science classes. The learning process can be highly enhanced through the creation of science models of planets, cells, or plants. Likewise, geography students can use 3D printers to create topographic maps, while students in art class can make the most of various designs to implement in their artwork. 

  1. 3D Printer Uses for Various Professionals

3D printers can also contribute to your daily tasks at work. They are useful in many different sectors, pretty much in every niche. 

Architects can use 3D printers to make building models. Additionally, doing them in-house will save the outsourcing expenses. 

Engineers can also benefit from 3D printing. The technology will enable them to create designs enabling lighter parts for aerospace, different tools and fixtures to cover manufacturing needs, etc. 

Did we mention that 3D printers can also build complete furniture. Of course, we refer to large format 3D printers in this case. 

All the above-mentioned use cases are only the beginning of the victorious journey of 3D printers. In the near future, with the expansion and growth of additive manufacturing, 3D printing technology will become an inseparable part of almost every walk of life making it much easier and more convenient.