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Have you ever thought of optimizing your oral health? People rarely do that, and most individuals remain completely ignorant about their dental health, and they suffer severe dental problems later. Our teeth and gums are important for eating, and you're likely to face serious dental problems as you don't take care of your oral health consistently.

Good oral health improves your daily life, while poor dental health triggers many health complications. Maintaining a balance between healthy bacteria and bad bacteria in your mouth is a complicated task indeed, and the task becomes more complicated without the assistance of a beneficial oral health supplement.

When we talk about oral health products, we just assume that such a product is meant to clean up your teeth. However, that's not the whole story. A beneficial oral health supplement not only cleans your teeth but also balances your oral microbiome.

Supplements that can support decent oral hygiene and digestive health are hard to find, but your search ends here. That's where the ProDentim supplement comes into the picture. There's no doubt about the fact that the ProDentim supplement is a wonderful invention of the makers. The ProDentim supplement is the best oral health supplement out there on the market, and its popularity of the supplement has been on a massive rise for quite a while.

It's hard to believe that a dietary supplement can revive your dental condition completely. But the ProDentim supplement has made that possible in quite a comfortable way. The supplement can be ordered from the official website at attractive price segments.

Being an advanced oral probiotics supplement, ProDentim supports optimal gum health while ruling out the possibility of oral infections. Surprisingly, the probiotic bacteria blended into the dietary supplement are also beneficial for your gut health.

Before you proceed to consume ProDentim pills, it's essential for you to know more about the supplement and its beneficial effects. The supplement manufacturers prepared the blend sincerely with selective natural ingredients for different dental hygiene issues, including bad breath issues.

In this ProDentim review, we will talk about what ProDentim is, which natural ingredients are added to the supplement and how the supplement works. Several nutritional supplements claim to ensure optimal oral health, but most of them fail in terms of delivering the claimed results. The further segments of this review will prove that ProDentim is not like those inefficient supplements.

What Is ProDentim?




1 tablet daily


Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Reuteri, B.lactis BL-04, Inulin, Peppermint, Malic Acid, Dicalcium Phosphate


  • An impeccable product that helps strengthen your teeth and gums with the help of natural components.
  • Comes with proven and effective anti-inflammatory effects that can help minimize inflammation in general.
  • The bacterials strains included in the formula can make your immune system way stronger.
  • The supplement can help you restore the natural color of your teeth without requiring you to brush many times.
  • It reverses the effects of tooth discoloration completely and it prevents yellowing teeth.
  • Bad breath issues will get resolved comfortably with the help of this powerful supplement.
  • It empowers better breathing and helps prevent all issues related to your upper respiratory tract easily.
  • It helps clear your respiratory pathways so that you can breathe easily.
  • Supports healthy oral microbiome to defend the effects of serious teeth problems.
  • The ingredients can support healthy digestive functions by stabilizing the microbiome in your gut effortlessly.


  • A completely soy-free formula that contains zero additives and preservatives.
  • The formula contains non-GMO ingredients only and it’s friendly for people with all dietary preferences.
  • Manufactured in US-based FDA-approved research labs, with the most advanced technological equipment.
  • Vegan users can try this supplement without hesitation.
  • It doesn’t contain a single trace of stimulants at all.
  • The supplement is non-habit forming and people are not likely to develop addiction to this item.


  • One bottle comes at $69.
  • Three bottles come at $177.
  • Six bottles come at $294

Refund Policy

60-day money-back guarantee is available on all purchase options.

Side Effects

The existing users reported that the supplement doesn’t leave negative effects on overall health at all.

ProDentim is a natural supplement made of 100% natural and genuine ingredients that can help preserve dental health. The primary purpose of the supplement is to help individuals with poor oral health at affordable expenses.

Though the supplement manages to offer a plethora of oral health benefits, it doesn't cost much, and people with all financial standards can afford this special product.

If promoting good oral health is considered the primary function of the ProDentim supplement, digestive health optimization can be considered another key function. As it is rich in probiotic properties, it stabilizes your gut microbiome effectively by increasing the number of good bacteria in your gut.

The makers behind ProDentim tested all the ProDentim ingredients in third-party labs, and they included the ingredients that comply with the GRAS guidelines. As you start consuming regular doses of the ProDentim supplement to promote dental health, you can expect to witness promising results from the first week itself.

ProDentim targets different types of oral health issues and manages them so that your normal lifestyle doesn't get hampered. Your oral microbiome remains balanced and optimized with regular consumption of the special supplement. By multiplying good bacteria in your mouth and gut, the supplement makes sure that your overall health remains in good condition as well.

How Does ProDentim Work?

The overwhelming and positive ProDentim reviews uploaded by customers on the official website state that the supplement's results are unbelievable. But isn't it very important to know how ProDentim works? To understand ProDentim functionality, we need to understand what your oral microbiome is.

Like your gut, there is a microbiome inside your mouth too, where good and bad bacteria reside. As the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth increases drastically and overlaps the number of beneficial bacteria, your oral microbiome becomes imbalanced.

As that happens, you face different types of dental problems, and the problems keep getting worse. The primary focus of ProDentim is to cause a surge in the number of beneficial bacteria in your mouth and gut so that you don't face oral and digestive problems at all.

3.5 billion CFU good bacteria are there in the ProDentim supplement to balance your dental health and oral hygiene.

What Are The ProDentim Ingredients?

The ProDentim reviews from happy customers clearly portray ProDentim as a revolutionary product in terms of oral health optimization. It contains certain beneficial bacteria and other effective ingredients that enhance the condition of your teeth and gums. Let's check out the powerful ingredients present in this unique probiotic supplement.

Lactobacillus Paracasei

This is one of the most effective probiotic strains that can support both oral and dental health at the same time. Lactobacillus Paracasei is also highly effective in terms of minimizing tooth sensitivity. The probiotic strain purports to free up tightened dental sinuses so that your tooth sensitivity remains normal.

Also, this bacterial strain is capable of preventing oral cavity and aims to support oral health in general. Numerous clinical trials have proved the beneficial benefits of this probiotic strain in terms of optimizing teeth health.

B.lactis Bl-04

This is another powerful beneficial bacteria that is used in ProDentim to ensure better oral hygiene. Your way to achieving a healthy mouth becomes much more effortless and convenient with the help of this powerful probiotic strain. All types of dental aches and pains can be resolved with the help of this potent ingredient.

On top of that, this bacterial strain makes your immune system stronger and more functional while optimizing your overall dental health. People who are tired of dealing with bleeding gums can also get beneficial effects by consuming regular doses of this bacterial strain, and that's where the significance of ProDentim gets emphasized.

Lactobacillus Reuteri

When it comes to revamping the conditions of your teeth and gums, Lactobacillus Reuteri is definitely one of the most impactful bacterial strains. The bacterial strain reduces inflammations in your teeth and gums naturally. At the same time, continuous consumption of the strain can help you stabilize the condition of your gut too.

The majority of gut problems and oral and dental health problems get resolved with regular consumption of this ingredient. The makers of the supplement added this ingredient to the formula to support oral health and delay tooth decay.


Inulin is mostly popular as a weight loss ingredient because it aims to curb hunger, appetite, and food cravings. Though Inulin doesn't have a direct connection with your teeth and gums, the ingredient is mixed into ProDentim to make the supplement more beneficial to your overall health.

Consuming Inulin ensures that your daily calorie intake doesn't go out of your control at all. Overeating definitely stresses your gut, and Inulin prevents that by controlling your daily calorie intake. You can achieve great weight loss results by consuming Inulin daily, and that's why the ingredient is present in the supplement.

Malic Acid

As per the claim made by the official website of ProDentim, the supplement contains adequate amounts of Malic Acid besides the probiotic strains present in it. Scientists believe regular Malic acid consumption can minimize the effects of tooth discoloration and tooth decay.

Also, Malic acid makes it more convenient to retain the whiteness of your teeth. Alongside, the natural properties of Malic acid can support oral health and fix an oral cavity easily.


Peppermint's anti-inflammatory effects are not unknown in the world of supplements. Most supplements contain strong doses of Peppermint due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Also, Peppermint triggers a sense of freshness that helps manage bad breath issues easily. Daily consumption of Peppermint may delay tooth decay to some extent too.

What Are the Special Health Benefits Offered by ProDentim?

The ProDentim reviews from existing customers report plenty of health advantages, and most existing customers have claimed that the supplement is the best dental support product available on the market. All the beneficial values of ProDentim will be discussed here.

Better Dental Hygiene

Every probiotic strain present in the formula behind ProDentim was clinically tested and approved by medical experts and doctors. These potent ingredients are capable of discarding the effects of minor dental diseases. On the other hand, the ProDentim tablets can help you fight critical dental problems as well.

As the supplement purports to balance your oral flora, you can retain a healthy environment inside your body. Also, ProDentim users aren't likely to suffer due to oral cavities. Even if you have an oral cavity, that will be fixed eventually with regular consumption of the supplement.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of the supplement are remarkable, and it is good enough in terms of minimizing inflammation inside your mouth. In short, ProDentim is the best possible solution to improve oral health as a whole.

More Balanced Oral Microbiome

This is possibly the most impactful effect of the dietary supplement. You already know that ProDentim is rich in high doses of probiotic strains and those strains collaborate with each other to promote enhanced oral microbiome and healthy teeth. ProDentim is good enough to prevent the progression of chronic gum disease easily.

Expert dentists and scientists claim that one's oral microbiome is the foremost factor behind teeth health. Both healthy bacteria and harmful bacteria are present in your mouth, and you're supposed to focus on multiplying good bacteria in your mouth to support more enhanced gum health.

For this reason, the ProDentim formula is considered one of the best oral health supplements available on the market nowadays.

Better Digestive Abilities

The proprietary probiotics blend of ProDentim is highly beneficial for your gut health too. Besides helping you maintain good oral hygiene, these ingredients normally magnify your digestive functions by increasing good gut bacteria. Alongside that, ProDentim also supports healthy inflammatory responses to make sure that you don't suffer from inflammatory bowel disease or other inflammatory diseases.

The strains of probiotic bacteria present in ProDentim are responsible for stabilizing the normal functions of your gut. Scientists have already admitted that regular consumption of oral probiotics dedicatedly works toward making your overall health better. ProDentim just makes the task easier.

Enhanced Respiratory Health

Isn't it too uncommon for a tooth health supplement to support better respiratory functions? Well, ProDentim does that too. Certain ingredients are present in the ProDentim supplement to support a healthy mouth and a more functional upper respiratory system altogether.

Besides upgrading your overall respiratory health, the supplement also gets involved in resolving your ongoing breathing issues. Consuming regular and adequate doses of ProDentim can upgrade the overall respiratory capabilities of your body superbly.

According to the ProDentim official website, millions of people have managed to minimize the effects of their respiratory issues with regular consumption of the ProDentim supplement. The supplement not only cleans your respiratory tract but also increases its strength and efficiency.

Get Rid of Bad Breath Issues

Every probiotic strain added to the ProDentim formula can target bad breath issues and fix them. Most people with bad breath issues don't feel confident enough in their social lives. In general, an imbalanced oral microbiome is a key reason behind bad breath issues. Stabilizing your oral microbiome can help you resolve this issue so you can have fresh breath easily.

The good bacteria present in ProDentim help you attain fresh breath for longer periods so that you can confidently go out and communicate with your pals.

Better Immune Functions

Some of the natural ingredients added to the formula behind ProDentim are actually beneficial for your overall immune health. These ingredients purport to boost your immune functions while strengthening your overall immune system naturally. Mostly, the good bacteria added to the supplement are behind this. As your immune functions become better, you not only get rid of gum diseases but also of general diseases and infections.

Healthy Inflammatory Responses

The ingredients mixed into ProDentim purportedly support healthy inflammation, which drives your health on a good path. As your body's inflammatory responses become better, you become less likely to suffer due to inflammatory issues in your teeth and gums. Also, the natural properties of the supplement can minimize inflammations in different portions of your body.

ProDentim Pricing and Refund

The probiotic supplement is insanely popular among people with dental issues due to its affordable price. Long-term dental treatments cost a lot of money, and that's not affordable for all. Consuming the supplement beforehand can help you save a lot of money.

  • One bottle of ProDentim comes at $69.
  • Three bottles of ProDentim cost $177.
  • Six bottles of ProDentim cost $294.

Every customer gets a 60-day money-back guarantee with whatever package he purchases. Customers can claim refunds by returning their purchases within the satisfaction guarantee period.

Information About the Makers of ProDentim

ProDentim has been made and marketed by Ideal Performance, a pioneer in the supplements market in the US. The brand is most famous for producing premium and exclusive probiotic supplements. ProDentim is definitely the most-sold product of the brand.

After the huge success of ProDentim, Ideal Performance is looking forward to launching more oral hygiene supplements at affordable rates to help middle-class users.

ProDentim Scientific Evidence

As a scientifically proven supplement, ProDentim contains clinically approved ingredients only, and each of its ingredients is backed by proper scientific evidence. This study shows how B.lactis works as an effective bacterial strain to improve the condition of your teeth and gums. B.lactis also participates in balancing your oral microbiome.

Another study has found the beneficial effects of Lactobacillus Paracasei in terms of supercharging and optimizing your oral condition. This bacterial strain is also there in the supplement adequately.

BLIS M-18, which is included in the supplement in heavy doses, also works impactfully in terms of strengthening teeth and bettering oral health.

Side Effects of ProDentim

Generally, people use ProDentim to maintain good oral health and assume that consuming heavy doses of the supplement will work in better ways for them. However, that's a misconception.

The makers of the ProDentim supplement strongly suggest users stick to the recommended dosage to get the best results. Overconsumption of the supplement may lead to minor side effects like nausea, indigestion, stomach cramps, dizziness, fatigue, and many more. If you don't want to face these major side effects, be on the safe side and consult with a professional physician before buying the supplement.

The Opinions of the Existing Users of ProDentim

There is no doubt that ProDentim is an exciting supplement, and it has won the hearts of millions of customers across the world. The supplement has thrived very fast and has become unbelievably popular in the global market. The existing users are highly satisfied with the results offered by the outstanding supplement. Most users have rated the supplement with five stars. They have also shared positive and helpful feedback to help the manufacturers improve product quality.

Final Words

ProDentim is possibly the most wholesome dental supplement you will ever come across. Be it the formulation of the supplement or the results delivered by it, everything associated with the supplement is on point. To be more specific, ProDentim can be considered a complete solution for your overall oral hygiene.

The ProDentim formula comes with so many natural properties that can genuinely help you prevent different types of gum diseases and oral infections. You have already come to know that the supplement is also capable of strengthening your immune system to some extent as well.

In all aspects, the probiotic supplement is an exclusive choice for your overall oral health, and it causes no serious side effects at all. The affordability of the ProDentim supplement makes it more commendable for sure. You won't find another dental health supplement containing so many probiotic strains altogether.

Unlike most other probiotic supplements out there, ProDentim manages to deliver sustainable results in terms of improving and optimizing your oral and dental health. As this is an all-natural supplement, people of different age groups and genders can consume it without worries. However, seeking medical consultation before consuming the product is always safe to avoid unwanted side effects.

The ProDentim ingredients are handpicked by reputed scientists and dentists, and that's why they're so beneficial. The bonus products available with the product are also highly beneficial for an overall healthy mouth. If you're undergoing serious dental issues, there is no point in wasting time anymore. Try ProDentim once, and you will fall in love with the product for sure.

In this ProDentim review, we apparently have covered all the crucial aspects of the special supplement. If you're still not convinced, we suggest you go to the official website and check the customer reviews posted there. That will surely help clarify your doubt from the core.

Lastly, the makers of ProDentim strongly insist users order the product from the official website only to avoid the traps of scams.

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