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The appearance of the IG stories has marked the beginning of a new era in the life of Insta bloggers. The new feature, which was initially treated as something special, has won the worldwide love of social network users for years of its existence.

Instagram stories are helpful for both lifestyle bloggers and business accounts. After all, it is essential to always stay in touch with your audience and this way helps keep in touch with followers like nothing else.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not officially allow you to watch stories anonymously. However, in the statistics, you can see who watched a particular story.

But what to do if you want to view someone's stories and remain unnoticed? In this case, you should use special Insta stalker services and apps that help to hide your identity while viewing IG profiles anonymously.

Why do you need to view Instagram stories anonymously?

Anonymous access to someone else's profile may be required in a variety of situations. For those who conduct business through a social network, the function will help evaluate the activities of competitors. Advertisers can determine the activity of the profile and the feasibility of attracting it for the campaign.

In private cases, viewing accounts is most often of interest to people in love who want to observe a person first and only after taking effective steps. Instagram allows you to learn about hobbies, tastes, a field of activity, and ways of spending free time. If you’ve collected such information, it is really possible to arrange a memorable date.

Therefore, everyone wants to view any IG story anonymously. And IT companies have developed some working tools for that. For instance, you can use some special services, Telegram bots or apps.

Private Instagram viewer services

The first and easiest way to view Instagram stories is to use private Instagram viewer online services, even if you don’t have an account in this social network.

Choosing from numerous available services (Bigbangram, Inflact, InstaStories), you can easily find the desired profile by its name or link and view any IG content for free and anonymously.

It is enough to perform the following actions:

  1. Open the official website of the selected service.
  2. Enter the nickname or account link in the search bar.
  3. The service will prepare the user's current Instagram stories or the entire content of the profile. You can view it or immediately save it to the gallery of your device.

Note: You can use these services without authorization or active IG account.

Telegram bot

In the era of Telegram bots' popularity, it has become even easier to maintain an account in social networks and view the necessary ones anonymously. For example, the Telegram bot "InstaSave". It doesn’t leave "traces" like some other bots.

Using it, you can view any IG accounts, stories, videos, and much more anonymously, and no one will know that someone is watching his profile through a bot.

  1. Find the bot through the search in Telegram.
  2. Choose English.
  3. Send @accountname.
  4. The bot shows the available stories to view.
  5. You can view or even save IG stories to your phone.

IG apps for Android

To view the stories of another user anonymously, you can install a free application on your smartphone — "StoryView for Instagram." The app can be downloaded from the Play Market and is suitable for a gadget based on the Android OS. 

The application stands out among the others because it allows you to watch the stories of other accounts in incognito mode and save them to your phone. It also allows performing the same operations with other IG content and download it on the phone.

Note: StoryView for Instagram is unofficial, so that it may carry some threats to personal data. But it will allow the user to become invisible and view other people's pages and stories.

IG apps for iOS

Unfortunately, Instagram works quite closely with the App Store, so it removes all unwanted applications. In this regard, it is difficult to find a working application for anonymous viewing of stories for iOS.

Nevertheless, if you search, you can find decent options. However, you should be careful, since many of the applications are paid or require a subscription after several free tests of the application.

As an alternative, you can use the "Story Reposter for Instagram" — one of the free applications with a user-friendly interface and simple functions. For example, it shows any public story, photo, or video in incognito mode. Also, you can view other social media content on different platforms through the app — no need to register in the app or log in to your IG page.

Note: The app doesn’t work on some phones.

Finally, a small lifehack — if you add a user whose history you’ve managed to view without additional tools to the "black list," the owner can not see your visit. The main thing is not to forget to unlock the profile before the next viewing. The method is troublesome, but it is trouble-free.