Orthopedic leg cushions correspond as closely as possible to the anatomy of human legs, given the precise transition from gluteus muscles to knee joints. 

The pillows are made of high-quality polyurethane with astonishing elasticity with memory effect relative to the shape of the legs - important if there are Varicose veins there are painful abrasions or wounds.

This pillow is convenient to use during sleep, even healthy legs need prevention and rest.

Pros and cons of using knee pillow for side sleepers.

Specialists note that there are practically no drawbacks in orthopedic products. It is important to make the right choice and to take into account not only the recommendations of a specialist, but also personal preferences and anatomical features of the body.

It is especially important for people with allergic tendencies to choose the filler material. In addition to popular fillers, there are also unusual variants such as buckwheat meadows or wool. They have their advantages and are considered to be the most environmentally friendly material, but are in a high price category.

Regardless of the chosen model or filler of the cushion, as well as the advantages or disadvantages of the particular product, all manufacturers guarantee their products for up to ten years.

The main types of fillers in good sleep orthopedic pillow are:

- Latex. 

The most popular type of filler that has positive properties. Such a cushion bends well, for a long time it does not lose its original appearance, that is, it has a fairly long life. The natural latex pillows have a high strength. In this way, the normal blood circulation of the feet is restored and the light surface protects the skin from bedsores in case of readings to bed after the rapid intervention in the treatment of varicose.

- Polyurethane foam. 

It has a high quality, and polyurethane foam products are in the middle price category. The filler consists of small balls which have undergone pre-allergy treatment. The cushion of such material is elastic, strong and free of deformation. The excess liquid is absorbed well, leaving no traces. But in order to avoid the unpleasant smell of sweat, the products should be ventilated at least once every few months.

- Thermoplastic foam. 

This is a new and innovative kind of foot cushion filler. A polyurethane foams material has been manufactured and has been widely used in industry for more than four decades. The distinguishing feature and significant advantage is the ability of this product to memorize. A person, when they put their feet on a pillow for the first time, starts this process. The pillow remembers all the curves of a person and retains this shape. The product also has increased strength and elasticity. The disadvantages include the high cost, as well as the ability to use the pillow by only one person.

You can see that it is the pillow fillers that directly affect the price as well as the properties of the product. There are also inflatable models. Flebologs, specialists in the field of human vein disease, have noted a low efficiency in applying exactly inflatable variants of pillows.

- In addition to the main and most popular fillers, there are also variants of pillows from a buckwheat meadow (the most environmentally friendly material), fibers of bamboo, cooling gel, mini springs, algae, wool (camel or sheep), natural poop, sintepon, silicon or hollowfibre.

Who needs an orthopedic pillow at the feet?

An orthopedic pillow under the feet is a pretty ergonomic invention. Its benefits have been appreciated even by many who do not have chronic joint and limb disease. Among other things, it is intended to increase the comfort of sleep.

  •  The orthopedic foot pillow will be appreciated by those who by nature of activity have to spend a significant part of the day on foot (standing or walking). It helps to relieve the spine and improve blood supply to the lower limbs.
  • People who often experience broken joints at night are another category worth looking at is an orthopedic pillow for legs of a special shape. This product allows the pelvis and knees to be held at the right angle. It allows for rapid relief and maximum relaxation of leg muscles.
  • Often those who like to sleep on their side want to put a pillow between their knees. This adds comfort and relaxes the pelvis.
  • Some of those who prefer to sleep on their backs most of the night sometimes want to put a roller under their knees.

Originally, an orthopedic foot cushion was designed for people with special needs.

  • During pregnancy. To keep the legs in a certain position, to relax other parts of the body (pelvis, lower back).
  • For a number of chronic illnesses. The product may be recommended as an adjunct for varicose, arthritis, osteochondrosis, swelling, insufficient blood circulation or brittle.
  • For athletes. In particular, those with heavy loads (weightlifters, weightlifters). The product provides good prophylaxis and additional support for the spine, joints and leg ligaments.

How do I choose the right orthopedic pillow?

Choose the size of the cushion according to weight (the larger the weight of the person, the larger the size of the product). If the foot cushion is used by several family members, then choose products with adjustable height.

Choose to buy at specialized outlets and choose only the certified product to avoid counterfeiting (quality products and fillers do not cause allergic skin effects, unlike unknown analogues).

The filler shall be made of natural materials. Note the stiffness — it must be medium in order not to deform and also to be able to adjust to the shape of the legs.

For the consultation before the choice — only to the specialist who will help to choose the best option under the existing problem with lower limbs.

In closing.

Orthopedic knee pillow is an excellent acquisition for those who experience permanent discomfort caused by chronic diseases of the lower limbs (cramps, edema, varicose veins, postoperative period, other problems). It is also able to provide «fast rest» to the feet of those who have standing work — helps to remove fatigue, to get rid of the heavy foot, swelling and convulsions. However, the soft accessory is intended not only for those with health problems, but for all those who wish to improve the quality of sleep.