The Los Angeles Clippers, frequently referred to as the LA Clippers, are a Los Angeles-based American basketball team. The Clippers are a team in the Western Conference, Pacific Division of the National Basketball Association (NBA). They have received many successes and are always a team to watch. You should keep up to date with the LA Clippers odds, to see how they are doing this season. 

When it comes to their home games, you will find the Los Angeles Clippers playing at the Staples Center found in downtown Los Angeles. The Clippers share this venue with a couple of other basketball teams. 


We have created this profile on the famous NBA Los Angeles Clippers, so you can learn everything you need to know about this team. 

Origins Of The Los Angeles Clippers

In 1970, the Clippers became an expansion team in the NBA. Since its founding, the franchise has gone by the titles Buffalo Braves (1970–1978), San Diego Clippers (1978–1984), and Los Angeles Clippers (1984–present). 


The Clippers are the oldest NBA team that has never advanced to the championship game. In fact, they have never made it past the semi-finals.  Since 1999, the team has held its home contests at the Staples Center, now known as the Cypro.com Arena. Steve Ballmer is the owner of the Clippers, and Dave Wohl serves as their general manager.


The Clippers haven’t had an easy playing history. They were seen as the losing team until things started to turn around in the early 2010s thanks to good signings. The Clippers then started to become the underdogs. However, to this day, they are still waiting for their first NBA final. 


In contrast to the consistently dominant Lakers, with whom they have had a rivalry since 1984. The Clippers are usually viewed as an example of a constant loser in American professional sports. However, in recent years, the Clippers have started to make waves and gain more victories. .


The Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers are the only NBA teams to share the same arena, the Crypto.com Arena, making their rivalry exceptional. In the NBA, there are just two intercity rivalries, the Lakers, and Clippers and the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks.


The Lakers have long been preferred by Los Angeles supporters. According to some, the term “rivalry” wasn't accurate until the Clippers started to have more success in the 2010s.


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Los Angeles Clippers Coach

For the Clippers, there have been 25 coaches. Dolph Schayes served as the team's first ever coach. He served over 2 seasons, consisting of 83 games.


Then, Mike Dunleavy has the record for most regular-season games coming in with 541 games. The club's all-time leader in victories during the regular season is Doc Rivers, with 307 wins.


Only six coaches— Larry Brown, Mike Dunleavy, Vinny Del Negro, Jack Ramsay, Doc Rivers, Bill Fitch, and Tyronn Lue—have led the Clippers to the playoffs. Additionally listed among the Top 10 Coaches in NBA History in 1996 were Ramsay and Fitch. Only three Clippers coaches have been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame: Ramsay, Brown, and Fitch. 


Tyronn Lue is the most recent head coach for the Los Angeles Clippers. He led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA championship in franchise history while serving as their head coach. Thus, the hope is that Lue is able to do the same for the Los Angeles Clippers. 

Key Players

When it comes to the Los Angeles Clippers, they have a few key players that you should look for. When these players come onto the court, you know that they mean business. 


Paul George (forward/guard) - Since the bubble woes, Paul George has become nothing short of dominant as the Clippers' proudest spokesman and leader. Based on a few preseason plays already, he looks terrifyingly good.


Nicolas Batum (forward) - For Los Angeles' supporting cast, Batum is the perfect player. He has been the Clippers' stabilizing force for the past two seasons and has emerged as one of their more dependable and clutch players. Batum can defend anyone and can take any shot that is thrown at him.


Ivica Zubac (center) - There isn't much to say other than that Zubac keeps to himself and has provided the Clippers with availability and production at center. He has been the defensive anchor for the squad for almost five seasons, and he quietly gets better every year.


Norman Powell (forward) - Norman Powell, the team's newest scorer, is arguably the Clippers' most underappreciated player. Powell adds a gold medal skill set to a perimeter-heavy game with his explosive athleticism and ability to cause havoc. 


In his five games with the team, he shot 54.2% from long range, demonstrating his excellent shooting ability.


The Los Angeles Clippers have always been known as the underdogs. While they may have never made it to an NBA final, they have come close multiple times. As their success starts to mount up, the Clippers could be a team to look out for.