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Kylian Mbappe, the global football sensation, has made the fateful decision to leave the Parisian club, PSG. According to numerous reliable sources, including The Athletic, Fabrizio Romano, and Matteo Moretto, the French striker has already informed PSG's president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, of his intention to depart. This news has spread like wildfire in the football world, given the weighty endorsements from experts confirming the impending transfer. Is the legendary saga of one of the brightest talents of our time finally reaching its conclusion?

Where will the 24-year-old World Cup champion go now, and who can offer him the most lucrative contract? The uncertainty surrounding Kylian Mbappe's future is causing tension among football officials and fans worldwide. There is no doubt that the upcoming weeks and months will be the arena for a fierce battle among football giants to sign the star French forward.

Regardless of where the Frenchman ends up, it will significantly alter the chances of clubs for trophies and the odds on bookmaker https://mostbetbd.top/. If it's Real Madrid, the odds for the Madrid team's victory in La Liga and the Champions League will be even lower.

Real Madrid awaits the unfolding of events

Real Madrid got burned by the Mbappe situation two years ago when they hastily spread information about his inevitable move at the end of the 2021/22 season. The club even changed its press communication policy after that incident. According to Relevo, Real Madrid's management almost stopped sharing details with journalists and, if anything is disclosed, it is done with a touch of pessimism to reduce information hype. This strategy was also employed when signing Ender and Bellingham. Nevertheless, some details still leak into the media.

  • In early February, Matteo Moretto and Jorge Picon from Relevo reported that every day Real Madrid becomes more confident about signing Mbappe - this information has even reached the players of the team. Now, in Madrid, they are convinced that this time Kylian will definitely move to the Bernabeu.
  • Jose Felix Dias from Marca wrote that Real Madrid indeed believes in signing Mbappe after the player took all necessary steps for it (did not renew the contract and adhered to the strategy needed by Madrid). However, Dias noted that the situation has changed compared to 2022: Mbappe is now not a necessity but an excellent opportunity to strengthen the team, so he will have to accept a lower salary and not dictate his financial terms.
  • Mario Cortegana from The Athletic and Joaquin Maroto from As reported on Real Madrid's ultimatum regarding Mbappe, setting a deadline for a decision. However, there is confusion - Cortegana and Maroto differ in information about specific deadlines (January 15 and January 31, respectively), and there is also no clarity whether it refers to signing a contract or publicly announcing the departure from PSG.
  • Ramon Alvarez De Mon, a journalist close to Real Madrid, reported that Mbappe will inform PSG of the decision not to renew the contract and will definitely leave the club at the end of the season. This has come true.
  • Jose Luis Sanchez provided the following picture: Real Madrid believes in the player's transfer but is not in a hurry, as they still need to negotiate the terms of the deal. He also emphasized President Florentino Perez's strategy: this time Real Madrid will not make a specific offer until Mbappe himself announces the decision. French sources are less active with news about Kylian, but more categorical - Santi Una from Footmercato asserted on January 8 that Mbappe and Real Madrid have fully agreed on the transfer.

Mbappe himself hinted that he would soon make a decision after winning the French Super Cup in January: "In 2022, until May, I didn't know what I wanted. If I knew, would I have waited? It makes no sense. Obviously, this time my decision won't take so much time. No one talks about my situation at the club. Few are interested."

Will PSG let Mbappe go for free?

In his interview, Mbappe noted an important detail: "Whether I stay or leave, the president and I have an agreement protecting all parties." According to both Spanish and French journalists, it refers to Mbappe waiving a signing bonus for this season (80-100 million euros) in case he leaves PSG for free. According to Mario Cortegana from The Athletic, PSG agreed to return Mbappe to the team without extending the contract under this condition. As for the offer from Real Madrid, according to Jose Felix Dias from Marca, the Madrid club is ready to offer Mbappe a salary slightly lower than two years ago: "If Mbappe decides to leave PSG, Madrid is ready to offer him a salary of 23-28 million euros per year after tax and a generous signing bonus of around 100 million euros (before tax)." If Mbappe accepts this offer, he will become the highest-paid player in Real Madrid's history.