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Automated cryptocurrency trading is becoming popular worldwide. Within the last 12 months, I've been trying out an upcoming program known as Pionex, which provides automatic crypto trading. This service demonstrates the very best of both worlds, i.e, Automated Trading and Exchange. If you want to start bitcoin trading check the steps to safeguard your bitcoin wallet.

You can find all you want to know concerning Pionex in this article. Is Pionex safe to work with?

How can Pionex be defined?

Pionex is a cryptocurrency exchange devoted to automated trading. They provide traders with many trading bots such as Infinity Grid, Arbitrage Bot, Rebalancing Bot as well as Grid Bots. The good thing would be that the exchange trading charges are just 0.05 % for the creator as well as the taker, which is among the least in the market. Reduced charges are achievable since they're the leading industry maker for switches such as Huobi and Binance and they delegate their liquidity from these switches.

Some other exchanges including Binance and KuCoin, Gate.io also have begun providing automated trading solutions and it's good to state they've been affected by Pionex.

While doing so, it wouldn't be correct to name "Pionex" a cryptocurrency exchange, because unlike various other exchanges their goal is to not put in a lot of crypto pairs, but rather provide a lot more automation crawlers. Pionex features a restricted amount of crypto pairs when compared with other cryptocurrency exchanges, nevertheless, it's a crypto exchange after the day. It will be fascinating to find out just how Pionex develops over time, but for the time being, we need to look at a few of the facets of this coming automated trading exchange.

Features of Pionex

Trade charges at the most minimal possible levels

Trading charges are one thing that many of us don't take into account when we initially get going out but might be a great factor in figuring out our failure or success in the end. Pioneer boasts among the least costly trading charges, that will enable you to earn extra cash over an extended period.

Mobile and Web Interface

Pionex is a cloud program that can be purchased both as a mobile app as well as a web app. To manage your very first bot you can download the iPhone or Android app. You can sign in to Pionex utilizing your Bituniverse username and password in case you happen to be a current user of Bituniverse.

Large amounts of trading bots

You have to be aware that you will find API limitations when utilizing an exchange such as Binance to operate a trading bot. What this means is that you can not run a lot of trading bots on Binance or maybe any other exchange. On Pionex you can run a genuinely large number of bots.

Risks involved in Pionex

Assets Risks: Pionex is a Singapore incorporated firm and it is a trustable and expanding exchange. Even though they have a history of just 2 years, as well as with increased partnerships, media shoutouts as well as reviews they ought to be ready to correct the trust problem.

Trading loss Risks: I think that power system bot trading is among the very least risky methods to exchange crypto, however as a result of the volatility of cryptocurrencies it's nevertheless easy to lose cash. To reduce the risks, you can always utilize Stop Loss.

The reason why Pionex offers lower fees as compared to other exchanges?

Pionex supplies liquidity from the Huobi and Binance bourses. Pionex demands extremely minimal charges to become a market developer for those exchanges, and also it passes these advantages onto its customers. That is the reason Pionex's charges tend to be less than those of Huobi and Binance for individual customers. This Is why it's much more cost-helpful to operate a robot Pionex than on another crypto exchange.