It’s possible to have neither, you may have both, or you may have one either a medical card or a Native American card. Amongst Natives, there has been disagreement about the significance of each and if having one negates getting the other. It goes without saying there are many advantages of each card, but you cannot replace one another as they are separate entities. To resolve any conflict, we examined the details of both a medical card and a Native American card to provide some clarification for our Native audience.

What can I use a Native American card for? What will I gain from It?

As with most official programs in America, to receive benefits, you are required to prove your identity and or your justification for the set criteria. This is no different when applying for your Native American card. The application is the first step toward ensuring you receive your entitled benefits as a Native American and you reap the regards of your culture and heritage, as you should. Whether you seek any of the following is up to you as a Native American, but everyone has the right to know their entitlements even if they do not wish to receive them. These include but are not limited to the following; limited health benefits, both financial and legal resources.

What can I use a medical card for? What will I gain from It?

The USA Medical Card is available to anyone who requires assistance with funding their medications, whether you are insured or not. Anyone who is subject to inflated and unaffordable costs on their prescriptions can use the medical card to reduce these costs massively. There are no limitations, no time-wasting, and no forms to fill in. A medical card is 100% complimentary, has no expiry date, and can be used straight away. If you have ever found yourself pondering ‘what is a medical card?’ you would not be alone. They often get mistaken for various cards such as medical marijuana cards but provide a completely different purpose. Advantages include;

  • It is accepted in over 60’000 U.S pharmacies.
  • A medical card can provide savings of up to 75% on both generic and brand medications. This will fluctuate depending on the drug, the pharmacy, or the state you live in.
  • Discounts on some diabetic supplies if you have a signed prescription from your doctor.
  • If your pet has been prescribed a medication that is also used to treat common human illnesses, you can get discounts on their prescription.
  • Seniors on Medicare can still use the card.
  • You can use the card even if you already have insurance.

Final Thoughts

A Native American card will not provide you discounts or as many of the benefits listed above in the medical card section. It will be advantageous in all ways legal and, to a limit, financial but cannot provide the vast and comprehensive medical perks of the medical card. If you want or require both of these privileges, you will have to have both separate entities and apply for a separate medical card and Native Indian card, respectively.