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Inchcape Shipping Services, with port agencies and maritime services available across the globe, has announced the opening of a new office in Georgetown, Guyana, with port coverage to include New Amsterdam and Linden. 

Inchcape is a recognized international maritime industry leader, with more than 3000 professional staff and 270 offices in 68 countries. The new office in Georgetown, Guyana, is an important addition to the Inchcape Central American team. The region is a vital and growing area of geological exploration and offshore extraction of gas and oil. The team in Guyana handles all necessary and customary shipping agent and marine survey duties. These duties include vessel husbandry services and the many other necessary functions for maritime travel and port docking. Vessel husbandry services include equipment and technical services and parts. All aspects of ship supply and bunker management and requirements for liner, tanker, and dry bulk cargo shipping are handled by the industry leading marine survey and shipping agent. 

Inchcape Shipping Services are a global leader in their performance of the many vital, necessary, and varied duties required by today's complex maritime industry. The shipping agent facilitates all maritime movement, including the necessary logistics and paperwork of moving in and out of ports of call and international travel to different countries. Duties include procuring pilot and tugboat services, booking the actual arrival and departure in any port, and ensuring all proper documentation for clearance of the vessel. Customs issues concerning the arrival and nature of any cargo on board are dealt with. Safe and secure handling, loading, and discharge of cargo are supervised. The shipping agent also manages forward travel arrangements, crew changes, and repatriation. Any necessary marine survey or other services are performed or arranged by the shipping agent. From bunker surveys of the ship fuel to inspection of entire vessels, the necessary surveys are utilized to ensure quality, performance, and mitigate risk of all types. 

Inchcape Shipping Services are equally well known for their transparency and integrity in relationships with vessel owners, operators, and charterers. As Frank Olsen, CEO, stated, “Vessel operators struggle to get a good overview of what’s going on in the local port at any given time and rely on the agent to be their eyes and ears in the port. As such, critical business decisions are taken based on information provided by an agent.” Inchcape is also well known and recognized for innovation in technology. Their operating system Optic, as noted in Raconteur, captures real time data on financial and other crucial events. This technology permits owners to access information on these events as they occur, and aids Inchcape Shipping Services in achieving transparency in operation, no matter how distant the port. Shipping representatives, such as Inchcape, must utilize vast vital knowledge of the country and locale, port regulations, and the shipping industry in general, to be effective. This is the natural consequence of their many varied and required functions as shipping and marine survey agent of those they serve. Inchcape Shipping Services are essentially and technologically prepared for their role by virtue of their global network, deep knowledge, and widespread expertise in the many aspects of the shipping industry. Inchcape Shipping Services proudly brings these attributes to the latest addition of their global network in Georgetown, Guyana.